Charlotte County Cancer annual Walk Cause we Care raises over $100,000

Submitted photo Each year, many teams and individuals take part in the Walk Cause We Care event for Charlotte County Cancer. This year, they raised more than $100,000, all of which will go to help people in Charlotte County who are battling cancer. The Cooke Aquaculture team participates each year, with members donating from their salaries and doing fundraising throughout the year.

St. George – Despite COVID-19, teams and individuals still took part in the annual Walk Cause We Care for Charlotte County Cancer, and raised more than $100,000. All of the money raised will go towards helping Charlotte County residents with expenses related to cancer treatments, including transportation. None of the members of the committee take any sort of salary, and the only money taken out of what is raised used is for telephone bills and a bit of advertising.

Committee member Winnie Paul said things were a bit different this year due to COVID-19. Instead of having all team members register, one person from each team would register, then go back to their team to begin their walk. Paul said the teams had no issues with the new regulations, and everyone worked together to raise money for cancer patients.

“We were shocked,” said Paul. “I worked at the site. It was amazing how our teams worked with us, no questions, no arguments. They started registering at 9. As they registered, one came to register and they went back to their teams and walked wherever they wanted to walk, and didn’t come back. They got to choose this time. Some of our teams just came and donated because they may have walked that week.”

Three walks took place, one in St. Stephen, another on Grand Manan, and the main walk in St. George. Paul said the committee members were shocked that they were able to raise so much money during a pandemic that has caused economic hardships for many, and feels very lucky to have had so many donations come in.

“Oh my land, Sonia (Vance) and I are still in shock,” said Paul. “We really are. We did $115,000 I think last year. To do $107,000 this year with COVID going on, it’s amazing. We’re blown away. The people in Charlotte County are just totally amazing for the support they give us. Honest and truly, we thought if we could get at least $50,000, then we would be lucky. We knew we’d get that, because we have Cooke’s and others that work on it all year.”

Paul would like to thank all of the teams and individuals for their efforts on behalf of the Walk Cause We Care committee. She said every bit of credit must be given to the teams, and everyone who raises money for the organization. If it wasn’t for the teams and individuals, they wouldn’t be able to help so many people who need it. She also would like to extend a very special thank you to one lady who has been involved in the Walk Cause We Care event right from the beginning.

“I would like to thank Linda Barwell,” said Paul. “She’s from Back Bay, and she has been with us since the very first walk. She’s never missed one. She’s been our top prize winner for almost 18 years, for an individual. She came in with $3,600 or around. She’ll go out the next day and start raising money for the next year. That’s the kind of lady she is.”