St. Stephen – Although larger social gatherings are currently prohibited, the organizers of Chocolate Fest have found a way to make sure the popular festival can still happen this summer. Like many other festivals around the province, Chocolate Fest is going to be a virtual festival this year, with all events taking place online. Chocolate Fest Oversight Manager Jennifer Lord said they are planning on bringing back some of the more popular festival events, and they have come up with some pretty unique ideas.

“Usually, our Chocolate Fest has a bunch of events that happen within the community,” said Lord. “They bring in a lot of people, but we can’t have in-person events right now due to all of the new government regulations. So, we have had to get a little bit creative.”

Lord said they have come up with the idea of letting people order activity boxes for kids. These boxes will contain everything needed for five popular events, along with some other smaller activities. These boxes can be ordered by anyone who wants to take part in the events, and they can be shipped anywhere.

“Right now we have a virtual sip and paint for kids. That’s an event that’s pretty popular that we do, usually during the festival, so we figured out a way to incorporate that virtually,” said Lord.

Cookie decorating, which is one of the most popular events for kids, will be one of the activities in the box. Each box will contain the items needed to decorate cookies. There will also be a sweet treat event, which Lord described as a “spin on the Recipe to Riches event” that has become quite popular. There will be three ingredients in the box for kids to use in order to create their own special, sweet treats. These ingredients haven’t been decided upon as of yet. Judging will be done online.

“We’ll come up with a way to post them on Facebook and have them judged that way.”

Last year, Chocolate Bar Bingo was introduced into the events, and it proved to be quite popular. In fact, it was much more popular than they had anticipated. So, the organizers are also incorporating this event into the activities boxes. There will also be a design your own t-shirt event, which they are still working on.

“Originally, we thought about doing tie dye with a Chocolate Fest t-shirt, but that was really expensive on our end. We’re still playing with that idea a little bit. If we design our own, we’ll have a white t-shirt and fabric paint or fabric markers in the box. Each kid can design their own Chocolate Fest logos this year,” said Lord.

The activity boxes will be ready to market by Friday, June 5. Chocolate Fest organizers are considering offering a pre-order discount to those who order the boxes before Friday, June 26. After that date, boxes will be available at the regular price, which is yet to be determined.

As restrictions are lifted, there may be more events added to the Chocolate Fest roster. Restrictions are being changed frequently, so it is possible that there will be several more events, including events for adults. You can stay posted about what is happening with Chocolate Fest by checking out their Facebook and Instagram pages, or by calling 465-5616.