Chocolate theme park aspirations unveiled

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier Week of Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1987

ST. STEPHEN – There was a hint of it in June when a delegation from here went to visit Hershey, Penn. and that town’s Chocolate World. Now the official announcement has come. The town, the St. Stephen Development Board, the BIA, Business Development Centre, Chamber of Commerce, Ganong Brothers, and local business people want to build a chocolate and candy theme park here. At a press conference at the town hall Monday morning, Mayor Billy MacCready, David Ganong, president of Ganong Bros., and Duncan McGeachy, manager of the BDC and the chairman of Chocolate Festival, along with representatives of the other organizations, announced their intentions to actively pursue a Chocolate World-type park. Mayor MacCready said they already have an option on 160 acres of land along the east boundary of town behind the St. Stephen Elementary School and the FreightMaster building stretching over to Highway 1. The proposed park would have accesses onto Prince William Street near the FreightMaster building and on the other side to Highway 1. The plans include candy and chocolate making demonstrations, an amusement park, retail shops and other tourist attractions and activities which have proved popular during Chocolate Fest, all centred on a chocolate and candy theme.

Joan Kennedy to appear in St. Andrews Oct. 9

Joan Kennedy, New Brunswick’s top female entertainer, will be in St. Andrews on October 9th. Miss Kennedy and her band Country Clover will be performing at the St. Andrews Community College at 8 p.m. This will be Joan Kennedy’s first appearance in Charlotte County. Joan and the Country Clover band have developed a fantastic repertoire of contemporary country music with a mix of pop and rock and roll.

Mitchell wins support for lighthouse fund

Funds to help restore and preserve Maine’s lighthouses passed its first hurdle in Congress Tuesday, according to Senator George J. Mitchell. The Senate Appropriation Committee approved $3 million to establish a Bicentennial Lighthouse Fund for the preservation of decaying lighthouses located throughout the country. The fund was first proposed by Mitchell to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the passage of the nation’s first public works law, the Lighthouses Act of 1789.


Elmsville – On Sept. 13, relatives and friends gathered at Christ Church hall in honour of John Ferguson who celebrated his 90th birthday. A lovely dinner was served by the family. Mr. Ferguson received many greetings and gifts.

Grand Manan – Following a month and a half of practically no precipitation, Grand Manan was hit on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 20 and 21, with torrential rains. Many cellars were flooded and brooks everywhere were overflowing their banks.

Lord’s Cove, Richardson –  Kevin Richardson of Moncton spent some time with his grandmother, Harriett Richardson.

Rolling Dam – Mr. and Mrs. Murchie Emerson and Mrs. Jule Tubbs enjoyed the sixth annual senior citizens circle tour of New Brunswick and the Gaspe area.

60 YEARS AGO – 1957

Spirit that wins

We have just heard the story about one New York citizen who was determined to spend a holiday here. In fact, lacking determination might have meant that the holiday would never have been spent anywhere! She arrived in Saint John – minus baggage which had been misrouted by the transportation company and no one knew where – called a hotel for a bed, was told on arrival she had no firm reservation and wound up sleeping in an easy chair. The most cruel cut of all came when she walked up to a traveller’s information desk at an unnamed spot for last minute advice about the “ferry to Grand Manan.” The reply she got was unbelievable: “Tell me where Grand Manan is and I might be able to get some information for you.” Despite all these handicaps, she got to the island, found friends who helped until the baggage caught up with her, and stayed a week longer than planned. Her opinion on leaving: “Worth every bit of the effort and more!” In our opinion, a real endorsement.

Opens new store

James Barnes, proprietor of the B-M Market on Water Street, has opened a new market near an RCAF base at St. Margaret’s. His son, George, is the new manager. Mr. Barnes also plans to open a market at the Chatham air base in about two weeks.

Gun dog trials

R. Whidden Ganong has given permission to the St. Croix Valley Gun Dog Club to use his land at Todd’s Point Sunday, Sept. 20 for land and water trials, beginning at one o’clock. While retrievers have been the main show in the past, it is intended to try out tests for pointing breeds. Pheasants will be used at the trials.

90 YEARS AGO – 1927

Frank N. Beckett, proprietor of Beckett & Co., a Calais firm, delightfully entertained his employees at a field day Thursday afternoon and evening. Their place of business was closed down for the occasion. Seven cars and two trucks conveyed the party to Mr. Beckett’s cottage at Robbinston. Thirty-five guests, 100 per cent of the staff, were in attendance. Clarence Beckett was chairman of the sports.

Still coming

Tourists’ cars are still entering at St. Stephen at the rate of over seventy per day, coming at this season mostly for the hunting. So far this year 8,770 cars have passed while for the whole of last year 7,738 entered. Over a thousand extra this year, “and it does not yet appear” what it will be like in years to come.

120 YEARS AGO – 1897

They have completed it

Messrs. Tayte, Meating & Co., St. George, says the Telegraph, have completed the jubilee memorial for Dominion Square, Montreal. Although over thirty tons of stone were used, only twenty-one days elapsed since commencing the job which certainly speaks volumes for the push and enterprise of this firm. They have another large monument course of construction for an American firm.

Oak Hill – Our school is under the management of Miss Cary Caswell of Milltown.