Community enjoys video of St. Stephen RCMP officer and kids having fun on the basketball court

Kathy Bockus/Courier Warming up before beginning another game of pick-up basketball at the court in Milltown in St. Sephen. A video of RCMP Cpl. Terry Pomeroy playing an impromptu game of basketball with neighbourhood kids garnered a lot of positive response on socialmedia last week.

St. Stephen – Community reaction to a Facebook video, showing an RCMP officer playing a pick-up game of basketball with a group of youngsters and teens, has been overwhelmingly positive.

The video was taken early Wednesday evening, by Patricia McShane, who spied the action in the basketball court near her home in the Milltown area of St. Stephen. The officer was Cpl. Terry Pomeroy.

“I thought it was really cool that he was playing with the kids,” said McShane in an interview.
“He was only there for a few minutes, but they were all having fun. It was nice to see.”
“I was honestly just having fun,” said Pomeroy. “I saw them playing, and felt like I needed to work on my game.

“The kids were great. I scored, and they all high fived me…I think they let me win.”
Brandon Wilcox is in Grade 10 and a member of the Spartans basketball team. He was one of the teens who played basketball with Pomeroy last week. Wilcox said he and his friends usually get together with others and play at the Milltown court near the swimming pool or at the high school.

He said he didn’t know what to think when an RCMP officer showed up at the basketball court.
“It was kind of like ‘what did we do wrong’?” said Wilcox. “He asked me ‘Can I hop in?’ I said sure. He took his stuff off and we had a good time.
“I think it’s pretty cool.”

Comments were favourable on the Charlotte County Shout-Outs Facebook site, where McShane posted her video with this caption:
“Shout out to this awesome police officer for taking time out of his busy day to hang out with some kids, and shoot some hoops in our community.”
“Love to see this. Great job guy,” wrote Yvonne Spence in response.

Caleigh Anna Dunfield, creator of the public group site, posted “I love this!”
Allecia Fraser wrote she had seen the video, and described it as “awesome.
“The kids’ faces showed how much fun they were having!!”

Chrissy McGregor posted: “This could make a world of difference in a kid’s life!” to which McShane responded “Exactly how I feel! Totally made my night to see this!
When the Courier confirmed the officer’s identify, and shared the information on the post, McShane wrote: “Awesome! I hope he gets to see the positive impact he has on our youth here, and how it has made so many people happy.

“Officers jobs are hard. It’s nice to see them in such a positive environment. Kudos to Cpl. Pomeroy for taking time for the kids in our community, and being such a positive role model!”

Sgt. Peter Stubbs, the St. Stephen RCMP detachment commander, said he fully supports the efforts of Pomeroy and his fellow officers, as they seek to build relationships within the community, especially with young people.

Stubbs said Pomeroy has always strived for that relationship building, has coached wrestling at various levels, assists with the St. Stephen High School team, and is currently working with the Canada Games team.
“Within the entire detachment, we strive to build relationships with the communities we serve. This is one example of the positive inroads the members are making within the detachment area,” said Stubbs.

He said he’d like to thank the community for its consistent support for the RCMP.
“Since I arrived in St. Stephen in July, 2016, I have been very impressed with the overall community support, and the positive relationships that are being built with the community.
“I believe St. Stephen is not only a great place to work, but a great place to live, and raise a family.”