Courier columns – 30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires


Edited from The Saint Croix Courier, the week of Tuesday, April 30, 1991

Bridge lineups –

St. Andrews now worried

St. Andrews – Storeowners, restaurant operators and innkeepers are concerned long traffic tie-ups on the international bridge in St. Stephen will hurt business this summer.

“It is going to be a complete disaster,” says Leni MacKay of the Shiretown Inn.

“I have been in the line-ups, sometimes close to two hours, and I have been frustrated and aggravated by the wait,” she continues.

“Many of us feel tourists are not going to come here if they have to put up with this.”

MacKay says she feels the problem is caused by the physical bottleneck on the bridge and she doesn’t understand why the government built the primary booths without considering the parking space.

They feel like they saved the world

Students from Mrs. Kay Southard’s combined grade two and three class at St. George Elementary School got the chance to meet Leading Seaman Jim Lovett who recently returned from serving aboard HMCS Terra Nova in the Persian Gulf.

The students all sent him Valentine cards in February and on Tuesday he dropped into the school to show them some of the things he brought back and share some of his experiences.

Road still under construction

Motorists driving down Route 127 to St. Andrews will have to content with some minor hold-ups this summer as the reconstruction of the highway continues.

Maxwell wins Brownell trophy

St. Stephen – Jim Maxwell Sr. is this year’s recipient of the Lefty Brownell Trophy.

Maxwell was presented the award Thursday night during the St. Stephen Parks and Recreation Department’s Volunteer Appreciation Night.

The Brownell Trophy is given annually by the remaining members of the St. Stephen-St. Croix baseball team on behalf of Brownell, who was a top pitcher for the team during their haydays of the 1930s. Brownell helped the team win nine provincial and seven Maritime senior titles.

The award is given to the person who best exemplifies the sportsmanship and competitiveness of the St. Croixs.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

Big “M” to St. Andrews to aid Minor Hockey

The hockey season is not over here yet! Over one hundred boys of the Minor Hockey League are awaiting the arrival of another NHL Hockey League Star and they will not be disappointed. Frank Mahovlich, star centre of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has accepted an invitation to attend the annual “Father and Son” banquet in Legion Memorial Hall, Wednesday evening, May 3. Mahovlich this year scored 48 goals and thus did not succeed in breaking the 50 goal record set by Canadiens player Rocket Richard. However, he is considered by many to be the player most likely to break this record, which another Canadiens player, Geoffrion, was able to tie this past season. Last year the boys met their first NHL Stars when Jacques Plante, star goalie for Montreal Canadiens, and Kenny Reardon, a former all star defenceman and vice-president of the Canadiens, were special guests.


The citizens of St. Stephen yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favor of adopting Daylight Saving Time for May 1 to October 31. By exercising their franchise in the first referendum in this town’s memory, voters eclipsed a recent Town Council ruling to remain on Standard Time during the summer months. The results are compiled by town clerk Arlo Hayman: Daylight Saving Time, May 1 to October 31 – 429; Daylight Saving Time, June 1 to September 30 – 131; Standard Time – 98. Mr. Hayman estimated the total turnout, which added up to 658, amounted to “roughly 50 per cent” of the eligible voters.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

A crew began yesterday morning removing the street car rails on Main Street, Calais, working in the direction of the International Bridge. It is intended to remove the rails on this portion of the street and rebuild the surface, later continuing the work as far as possible during the present year. The work is under the direction of George McDonald.


Charles Vail, Jr. is erecting a gasoline station and confectionery shop near the site of the new landing field at Brockway.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

The Dominion Government has made May 24th a perpetual holiday and the day will be fittingly observed this year in St. Stephen.

Mayor Murchie, ever alert in the interest of the people, has started a movement for the acquisition of the local water system by the St. Croix towns. The mayors of Milltown and Calais are working with him toward this desired end and it is hoped their efforts will not stop until the towns are in control of their own water supply.