Courier columns – 30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires

Edited from The Saint Croix Courier of Tuesday, May 28, 1991

Milltown School – Grade six moved to SSMS

St. Stephen – It is the end of an era.

When school opens in September, Grade 6 Milltown will pass into history.

It will become Grade 6 St. Stephen.

District 23 School Board voted last night to have students in Grade 6 attend class at the St. Stephen Middle School.

More than 30 parents and interested individuals attended the meeting, many of them expressing concern at moving the students.

St. Stephen bypass may be ready by fall

St. Stephen – Soon there will be a faster way to get from Route 3 to Milltown. According to the latest schedule, the bypass should be completed by late August or the middle of September.

Ann Breault, MLA for St. Stephen-Milltown-Campobello, says she hopes things will move along as quickly as possible.

Multiventures, the company that was awarded the contract to build the section of the bypass from Hawthorne St. extension to Route 3, is to be completed by Aug. 15. But Breault explains the contract could be longer, depending on the number of rainy and bad weather days.

120 area rugby supporters at int’l game

Saint John – One hundred and twenty rugby players and supporters from St. Stephen and St. Andrews attended the international game between Canada and Scotland in Saint John, Saturday.

The two St. Stephen High School teams saw action in their own leagues in Saint John Saturday morning and then attended the international game in the afternoon.

They were among 2,650 who witnessed Canada’s 24-19 win over the highly rated Scottish team.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

News around Grand Manan

Strange catch

David Hepditch of North Head, casting for trout in the Deep Cove pond, landed the oddest catch of the year – at least to this date. A six-inch turtle had taken the bait and was safely landed on the beach. Since nothing like it had ever been known, there was immediate speculation concerning the origin of the stranger. Reports later stated that two years ago a tiny pet turtle had been released in the pond. The species is not native to Island waters.

Calais Briefs

On holiday

Canadians on holiday “48’s” swarmed into the town Monday bringing smiles to the faces of Main Street merchants. The weather man cooperated by letting the sun break through in the afternoon following an open-and-shut morning. Not all the visitors stopped in Calais Saturday; there was a steady stream of Canadian vehicles high-tailing up number one. Traffic must have been heavy over the Airline that day.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

A.R. Goucher, for some years chief clerk of the local Customs Office, yesterday received notification of his appointment as acting collector of Customs here in succession to Collector Walter L. Grant. It is understood Leonard Webber will succeed Mr. Goucher as chief clerk.

The Island Courier

Motor car traffic on Deer Island has increased considerably since the re-establishing of the Deer Island-L’Etete car ferry service which began operation on Monday. Two round trips daily are being made during the month of June and during months of July, August and September, five round trips will be made each day.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

The W.C.R.R. paint shops have turned out three newly painted coaches and baggage cars which, with the Pullman, make up the night train for the west. Travellers say it is one of the finest trains east of Boston. Frank Corson, foreman of the W.C.R.R. paint shops met with a mishap the other day which would have proved serious but for the presence of mind of Fred Holt. While moving a car, Mr. Corson got underneath to use the pinch-bar, when the car started rather quickly and threw him into the pit, his clothing catching on a bolt underneath the car. Mr. Holt with great presence of mind quickly threw a block of wood under the wheels and brought the car to a standstill.

John Collins of Rollingdam brought a curious freak of nature to town on Saturday last, in the shape of a calf’s head, that attracted much attention. Its mouth contained four jaws, two tongues and two sets of teeth. It had two noses, each with two nostrils. Two eyes were set well back in the head and a third one appeared in the center of the forehead. The head is being mounted by Howard McAdam.

Joanne Mires has been working for The Saint Croix Courier since the fall of 1982, and began writing her 30 Years Ago column in 1994.