Courier columns – 30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier – Week of Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1991

Hurricane Bob hits area lightly

What about Bob? seemed to be on everyone’s mind yesterday as area residents and vacationers prepared for what was to be the worst storm since the Ground Hog Gale of ’76.

Hurricane Bob looked over Charlotte County as it passed through coastal Maine and headed towards the Baie des Chaleur off Northern New Brunswick.

Although thousands of dollars of damage was caused by Bob throughout coastal communities of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, communities around St. Stephen were fortunate to receive minor damage.

Did a Calais park lose a tree?

Calais – A cheap trick was played on Calais even though Cheap Trick ended up playing at Woodland High School.

A 16-foot tall maple tree, with a trunk five inches in diameter, was removed from Hog Alley Park when a barricade was installed for the August 10 Cheap Trick concert. Heavy rains moved the concert to Baileyville.

John Morrison, Principal of Woodland High, said the concert went very well, the crowds were well behaved and the music was good – if loud.

Life and herring go together on Soviet ship

Grand Manan – It sits in the mists, a mile off Duck Island, a little bit of the Soviet Union sharing with Canadians the turning of fish into food for a country that needs it.

It’s the Rybatskaya Slava, a herring factory ship. The statistics tell part of the story. In length, the ship is 167 metres, and displaces about 10,000 tonnes. It draws 7.7 metres.

When first sighted on Saturday afternoon, it looks slightly too wide. As the ship’s form comes out of the haze, it is apparent there are really two ships, for the Rybatskaya Slava has tied up to a second ship, a transport. The Leninskia Gory is almost as big, and is offloading supplies, and taking on Charlotte County herring. The two ships are separated by numerous black flexible fenders, perhaps three metres across.

Mini stock ‘bumblebees’ at Cedar Mills

Pomeroy Ridge – The flight of the bumblebees came for a visit this week and boy do those little cars fly. They are better known as the Eastern Mini Stock Association and they run a Maritime circuit visiting tracks in all three provinces.

These guys arrived in style Sunday with a 1990 Kenworth and flatbed loaded with four minis. Quite a sight.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

Talk of the Town

Almost completed

The demolition of the old Ganong warehouse on Water Street is just about completed. The remaining building is to be restored to good order with the lumber taken from the old section. This project was handled by Wormell’s Express Co., King St.

Song writer

Garnet Boyd will travel to Fredericton shortly where he will record songs he has written. They will be heard over CFNB after recordings have been cut.

Round to square

A change over in the shape of the milk bottles from the St. Croix Dairy will take place shortly when the new square bottle will be used.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

St. Stephen’s newest shoe store opens its doors to the public tomorrow morning when the Prilutsky Shoe Company, Ltd., has its grand opening in the new store in the St. Stephen Development block. The store opens with a complete line, all new, of men’s, women’s, boys’ shoes and hosiery, representing the leading manufacturers. The store will be under the management of A. Prilutsky with N. Prilutsky as secretary.

Dominion Stores Limited, Canada’s leading grocery chain, opens its newest and most modern store Friday in the new St. Stephen Development block. The stock will carry a full line of staple and fancy groceries, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, all arranged for quick and efficient service.

Some of the opening values are: butter, 25 cents per lb.; Salada tea, 54 cents lb.; Surprise Soap, 10 bars, 45 cents; bananas, 2 lbs., 13 cents; tomatoes, 3 large tins, 25 cents; sirloin roast, 29 cents lb.; leg of lamb, 29 cents lb.; chuck roast, 12 cents lb.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

About 35 miles of wire and poles have so far been put up on the telephone line from Saint John to St. Stephen.

Bert Hyslop, the popular junior clerk in Fred Waterson’s Drug Store, has constructed a neat little cabin which fills one of Mr. Waterson’s windows. It is built of swamp cat-tails and mosses, and has been surrounded by a neatly-made woodland scene.