Courier columns; 30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires


Edited from The Saint Croix Courier, Oct. 1, 1991

St. Stephen landmark comes down

The former Hills Store was demolished this morning after standing on the corner of Prince William and King streets since the turn of the century.

News around Grand Manan

In business 60 years

A large number of Island residents gathered at Brown Bros. garage in Grand Harbour on Saturday, Sept. 21, to congratulate and honour brothers Merritt and Sherman Brown, who have completed sixty years in the garage business at Grand Harbour, Grand Manan. A program for the celebration with Brian Guptill, who did an excellent job keeping things moving, interspersed with humour, acting as Master of Ceremonies.

Atlantic Salmon Federation – New building opens Oct. 5

St. Andrews – St. Andrews, NB will be the site of a gala event on Oct. 5 when the Atlantic Salmon Federation opens its new office building. Friends, directors and staff of the federation will gather at 10 a.m. for invocation by the Venerable Robert A. Bryan, one of the federation’s directors. David R. Clark, QC, president of the federation, will welcome guests and Greg Thompson, Member of Parliament for Carleton-Charlotte, will deliver opening remarks.

Action at Pennfield Dragway

Pennfield – There was lots of noise, smoke and speed as the Pennfield International Dragway came back to life Saturday.

Over 100 bikes and cars from around the Maritime Provinces and Maine took part in class racing for Super Pro, Pro and Bike. Super Pro was for cars 12.99 seconds and faster, while Pro was open to cars 13 seconds and slower.

“There was a lot of good cars here,” said Bill Groom of St. Stephen who, along with Danny McGee of St. Stephen, organized the day of racing. “We sort of learned what we should do and shouldn’t do.”

Groom said they advertised in drag racing areas but word of mouth is what really spread the news of the event.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

Night school started at SSHS

St. Stephen High School is again offering a variety of night school courses this year. Classes met Tuesday evening for the first time this season and will continue each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year with each subject covering 40 hours of instruction. Courses offered this year are: advanced art, beginners art, bookkeeping, motor mechanics, sewing, typing, welding and woodworking, with four hours of instruction given each week. Registration fees charged for each subject is $4.00 to Canadian students and $5.00 for American students.

Phone cable underground

A long black cable snakes beneath the ground between Grand Harbour and Seal Cove on Grand Manan Island. This cable, which belongs to the New Brunswick Telephone Company, will carry telephone calls between subscribers in Seal Cove and the exchange in Grand Harbour. L.H. Kimball, manager for the company in St. Stephen, announced that the laying of the cable, which cost over $33,000, will result in greatly improved service to subscribers in the area. In addition to 11 new subscribers, a further 69 families will be using the new facilities to change their service from rural to one, two and four party service. In all, over 19,000 feet of cable was laid requiring a total of over 1,300 man hours to bury the cable and remove the old wires.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

Local merchants appear to be divided as to the continuance or suspension of the weekly Thursday half holiday practice. Stores in Calais concluded the half-holiday last week and will be open for business throughout today, but on this side of the river it is understood that some of the stores favour opening while others prefer to continue the holidays throughout October. The ladies’ clothing stores are the ones mainly interested in keeping open.

Members of the alumnae of Chipman Memorial Hospital at a recent meeting voted the sum of $100 toward the new elevator fund of the hospital. The fund now amounts to over $600, practically all of which has been donated by patients and graduate nurses of the institution.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

Harry McClaskey of Saint John and formerly of St. Stephen has gone to New York to engage in the study of music and the cultivation of his voice which has been greatly admired and for which those who have heard him predict great things with careful training and conscientious work.

Calais – The plans for the new city building show that the structure will be a creditable one. The front will be 47 feet, with a depth of 76 feet.

Joanne Mires has been working for The Saint Croix Courier since the fall of 1982, and began writing her 30 Years Ago column in 1994.