Courier columns – 30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires

Edited from The Saint Croix Courier, Oct. 15, 1991

Literacy fundraiser – Spelling bee a hit in McAdam

McAdam – It was a spelling bee like none other and 200 people gathered to watch it take place.

The first public Adult International Celebrity Spelling Bee, sponsored by McAdam Laubach Literacy Outreach, was held at McAdam High School Thursday evening.

Competition was fierce and high spirited during the event. The eight teams, costumed and appropriately named, vied for spelling mastery in the literacy fundraiser.

Larry Richardson, St. Stephen, was the top-hatted Master of Ceremonies. The judge was a be-wigged and gowned Jason Herron, McAdam.

They kept control of the McAdam High “Flintstones”, the Harvey “Hightests”, the Georgia-Pacific “Wordpeckers”, U.S. Customs “Boundary Bunch”, McAdam Council “Village Idiots”, Nackawic Council “Treesome”, McAdam Hospital Nurses “Injectors”, and Base Gagetown’s “Foxy’s Fools”. The teams cavorted on stage while the audience laughed and cheered.

The overall winners were the “Injectors”, who squeaked by the “Boundary Bunch” in a photo finish.

Western hockey league shaping up

The Western Charlotte Hockey League is shaping up to be better than ever this season.

Three new teams have joined the league, bringing the total to 10. The St. Stephen Pirates, Milltown Chiefs and Blacks Harbour join the Apple Auto Glass Blues, St. Stephen Terrors, Milltown Trucking Flames, REM Loggers, Brass Bull Warriors, St. Andrews Community College and last year’s league champion Deer Island Islanders.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

Town to get dial phones

St. Stephen will be one of five districts on the eastern side of the province to receive the new dial telephone service by the end of 1962. Company president J.L. Black said the $1,000,000 spent would add about 2,700 dial telephones to the company’s automatic system. Mr. Black noted that completion of this conversion would mean that better than 80 per cent of the company’s telephone will be dial operated.

A.S. Club gets boost from border residents

Last Monday evening, Oct. 9, many residents from the St. Stephen area enjoyed an entertaining evening of cards, dancing and a floor show at the Oddfellows Hall on King Street. The party was sponsored by Mrs. Abbie Boyd and Mrs. Guy Russell to assist the After Supper Club with their work at Christmas time. Several other ladies from this area assisted Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Russell with this endeavor. Events got off to a good start with a card party. A fine program of entertainment was lined up for the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Caswell, Sharon Bustard, Walter McGaw, Sylvanus Noble, Manfred Barter, Hugh Leland and the Acheson family, all contributing their varied talents.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

Erection of the structural steel of the new Unobskey block in Calais has begun and from now on the building is expected to take shape rapidly. The basement of the store to be occupied by M.H. Fishman Co., Inc., has been completed and work is being rushed on the building.

The work of laying the new surface on Prince William Street started early last week. Altogether over 50 extra men are being employed. As more than this number is on the unemployment list, work is being arranged so as to give everyone a certain amount of employment.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

Small pox has become epidemic in many parts of Canada and the United States and general vaccination is urged that the spread of the disease may be stayed.

About all lines of product are in good demand in the local market at the present time. Fresh butter brings from 18 cents to 20 cents. Fresh eggs are scarce and bring 16 cents. The local supply of potatoes is not plentiful and they bring from $1.25 to $1.35 per barrel. Car loads from up country keep the price from rising. Beans are becoming more plentiful and are quoted at from $2.25 to $2.50 per bushel. Oats are scarce and bring 40 cents. Hay is worth from $8.00 to $9.00.

DeWolfe – Work on the new schoolhouse is being rapidly pushed.

Joanne Mires has been working for The Saint Croix Courier since the fall of 1982, and began writing her 30 Years Ago column in 1994.