Courier columns – Rollin’ on the River with Mark Taylor – “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time” – Steven Wright

I am not sure if you’ve noticed this or not, but there seems to be an overwhelming number of artists who have told Donald Trump to stop using their music at his rallies. Artists like The Rolling Sones, Neil Young, R.E.M., Adele, Elton John and yes, even Twisted Sister have all wanted their tunes removed from the playlist. Of course, you can say that it’s an infringement on copyrights, but we all know the real reason and it’s they don’t want their names associated with The Donald and his campaign.

Take me, for instance, even though I have no axe to grind with Margaret Atwood, I had to shut her down from using my, “You might be from Charlotte County” musings in her books. Now, another guy has added his name to the list as long as your arm and that is Phil Collins. Donnie’s crew was playing “In the Air Tonight” at rallies and he told them to stop doing it. I happen to like this tune, but have to say that if I were Phil, I’d be flattered that anybody is actually playing his songs these days. I cannot get my finger on the radio fast enough to switch stations whenever I hear “Sussudio.”

I have ranked that song as the #1 most annoying song on my exclusive irritating song list. Now that I got myself on a roll, I want to add that although I really like the Steve Miller Band, they can take “Fly Like an Eagle,” and fly the heck off this planet with it. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping? What does that mean, mean, mean?” I gotta admit I can listen to the Commodores and Lionel Richie until the cats come but when he started, “Dancing on the Ceiling,” he lost me. It’s a ridiculous song and maybe I’m just jealous that my dance tune, “Partying in a Gravel Pit” never really took off. Then, there’s “Barbie Girl,” and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” that really get my dandruff up in a big way. If I sound like I’m envious, you’re absolutely correct. I feel that I have as many crazy and bizarre thoughts as the next guy and when somebody backs up the truck to the bank after producing stuff like that, it ticks me off.

I am not a big fan of cold weather and I’m sad that summer is once again in the rearview mirror. Having said that, the one thing that comes with cooler temps are the memorial flags in St. George and Blacks Harbour are flying once again. Every year the communities put up flags for the fallen men and women of our local armed forces and law enforcement officers. I feel I am fortunate to have known some of these courageous heroes personally. When the time comes, I urge everybody to buy a poppy and wear it proudly. We can grumble and growl about the current state of affairs, but things could be a lot worse if it were not for these people. We owe so much to them and buying a poppy is a small price to pay for freedom.

I have to admit that I’m probably not one of Harry Styles’ biggest fans and that’s not a knock against him or his music. From what I can tell, he’s done quite well for himself and managed to keep the wolves off the doors. I recently saw a story about how people are trying to figure out the “meanings” behind all of the tattoos that has all over his body. Really? Is that keeping you up at night? I remember a long time ago when comedian George Carlin was always being asked what his earring “meant?” He had what I would call a perfect answer – “It means I killed a guy in prison for asking too many questions.” I know you’re picking up what I’m throwing down.