Courier editorial; A year in the life of a pandemic

I’m exhausted. Mentally, physically exhausted. It was one year ago today I sat on my sofa, officially working from home, and watched and reported on my first of innumerable press briefings from Fredericton on COVID-19. I had met Dr. Jennifer Russell once, briefly, in 2017 (?) when she was in St. Stephen at the Ganong Nature Park for a discussion on Lyme disease.

Little did I know a few years later I would feel like I know her, because I’ve spent so much time in her presence.

What the last 12 months has brought is not what I had planned, and I know the same can be said by all of you.

While my movie watching history would indicate I was aware a global pandemic was absolutely in the cards, I didn’t necessarily expect it to result in me at home with my dogs, wearing multiple hoodie and legging combinations while turning into Pavlov’s dog at 2:30 p.m. every day, salivating for updated details on the virus in the province.

I had a more Matt Damon/Brad Pitt style of pandemic in mind. More fool me.

And while to do applaud our province overall for it’s handling of COVID-19; statistically we’ve weathered this pandemic better than many, many other provinces and regions worldwide, I’ve been very vocal on the fact that success cannot be laid at the feet of our affable uncle leader, Premier Blaine Higgs only, but rather our provincial success has come because it has been an overall team effort on the part of the province and frankly us, its citizens.

The ask to stay home and away from others wasn’t a tough one for my husband and myself. A natural introvert, I love spending my days with my dogs and staying six feet away from people. Our circle is very, very small, and is largely made up of those living in other provinces and countries, so the only lives that really changed in our home were those of the dogs and fat housecat, who quite easily adjusted to having a servant (yes, me) on-hand at all times.

And now Russell has assured us we will all be vaccinated by Canada Day, and, well, I want to believe her but I’m going to reserve my “huzzah” for now.

Do I believe she means it? Yes, I do. I think Russell is generally earnest, and she truly believes, given the information she currently has, it’s viable to state all New Brunswickers will be vaccinated within the next four-and-one-half months.

But, like the provincial mental healthcare plan, I’m stuck in “I’ll believe it when I see it” land.

I do, however, fully support vaccinations, and absolutely encourage everyone to get one. Want to see some actual events this summer, and want to be able to travel? Get the vaccine. I can’t wait to start buying my groceries across the river again and stop paying obscene Canadian grocery prices and if the feds in the U.S. keep on their current track, America is on it’s way to being sorted out. Do the same in Canada and bam! The border can open.

Vaccines are the answer to getting us where we want to be. Still at home with my dogs, but with cheaper lettuce.

Krisi Marples