Courier letters to the editor – Forgotten wars and forgotten battles; in 2022 our veterans will not be forgotten


War is death, it is destruction, and suffering. It is also a time when men and women, soldiers and civilians stand-up and face great danger to stop wars and restore peace. But how do we remember them today?

The Government of France and the Republic of Korea would like to thank Canadian veterans for liberating their countries. The National Order of the Legion of Honour and Ambassador for Peace Medals are available to eligible veterans.

If you are a Second World War veteran who participated in the campaign to liberate France from D-day June 6, 1944 to the end of August 1944, or Dieppe in 1942, you may be eligible for France’s highest award. The Korean government is looking for Korean War veterans who participated in the Korean War, 1950 to 1953 or it’s peace keeping phase which lasted until the end of 1955. Korea’s Ambassador for Peace Medal may be awarded posthumously unlike the Legion of Honour.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid in 1942, when the allies tested the enemy with an amphibious landing on the French coast. Almost 5,000 Canadian soldiers took part in operation Jubilee, and only 2,200 made it back. The Battle of Normandy in 1944 saw the lessons learned from Dieppe put to good use, but Canadian war dead tallied over 5,000.

The Korean War followed five years after the end the Second World War. Today it is seldom remembered but the valor of our Canadian veterans shines brightly with the people of South Korea who have not forgotten the 516 Canadian service men who died defending their country.

Please contact me for further information or assistance in applying for these two important medals. There is no cost involved. I am an unofficial volunteer who has helped more than 800 veterans receive these awards. Send an email to and use the subject “Veteran”.

Guy Black,

Recipient, Medal of Civil Merit (South Korea),

Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada Commendation,

Coquitlam, B.C.