Courier letters to the editor; LSD’s request postponement of the adoption of Bill 82 on local governance reform


Dear Mr. Allain,

While we support local governance reform for LSD’s, the LSD association of New Brunswick requests that you defer the passage of Bill 82 on local governance.

Our request regarding LSD’s in this process is based on the fact that the White Paper:

– does not demonstrate any financial framework in support of Bill 82;

– does not currently have a master plan for each of the 12 zones in the province;

– does not provide any plan to address inequities as raised in the LSD association “Response to Green Paper” submitted May 6, 2021;

– demonstrates that the reform is 80 per cent LSD governance reform and that the representation of the current management team does not reflect this proportion in its composition, in the resources allocated to LSD’s, and in the decisions rendered to date;

– is of concern to LSD residents in its approach that is not appropriate to their realities and interests.

An open letter from a volunteer LSD resident addressed to l’Acadie Nouvelle, summarizes in large part the perception of LSD residents who fear that problematic situations may become law through the hasty adoption of Bill 82.

With this request, and your acceptance of this request, we hope to enable conditions for the successful implementation of a local governance system adapted to the reality and needs of LSD and municipal residents. We also want to be recognized as the representative of a silent majority of LSD’s that do not even have an advisory committee or that have established committees but do not have enough time to react to the White Paper, of which there are many.

Mr. Minister, we reiterate our desire for a meeting with the Board of Directors of NBDLSA which we believe is imperative under the circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

Jules Bossé,

President of the LSD Association of New Brunswick