Courier letters to the editor; Mr. Premier, it’s time to do your job


Dear Mr. Premier,

I am an overtaxed taxpayer in this province. I am also a small business owner who has been struggling to keep my business open since the state of emergency was put in place in March of 2020. I have volunteered with the local Rotary Club and other capacities. I have served five years on town council for the Town of St. Stephen as Deputy Mayor. My wife is a CUPE member who is very happy to have a job; one that she likes. However, her happiness for her job should not be confused with acceptance of the current status of the unions contract and your reluctance to see things from a union members point of view.

It doesn’t matter that the CUPE members currently on strike make more than their private counterparts or that you believe it should matter. The fact is Mr. Higgs, there isn’t a single working New Brunswicker that should be expected to work for the same wage for 10 plus years without the basic cost of living increase. Heck, even pensioners get a little bit every year and you don’t even want to help the working class get caught-up on lost wages. CUPE aren’t even asking for the equivalent of 10 years worth of increases. You don’t think CUPE knows that it’s my overtaxed tax dollars as a New Brunswicker that you both are bargaining with? I bet they do, because it’s their overtaxed tax dollars as well.

Mr. Premier, may I remind you, I do not work for you. By refusing the requests presented to you by CUPE, you are not working in the best interest of the province. As the cost of living increases, the gap in wages between minimum wage and a government salary closes. Because you work for me and because I am a taxpayer, albeit overtaxed, I would like to see my tax dollars supported in the requests made by CUPE. Stop spending unnecessary millions on separate languages for our healthcare and education systems and let’s get our kids back in school, our families back to work and our economy back on track.

Respectfully Mr. Higgs, get off your high horse and make it work for the betterment of our communities like your job depends on it.

Jason Carr,

Owner, Olde Carr Auto,

St. Stephen, N.B.