COVID-19 round-up, the lightening round; vaccine passports “likely” on their way

NEW BRUNSWICK – Tell us New Brunswick is getting a vaccine passport without telling us New Brunswick is getting a vaccine passport.  We’ll go first; ask Premier Blaine Higgs a direct question about vaccine passports.

In the second live press briefing in less than a week, Higgs was joined by chanteuse and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Jennifer Russell in Fredericton today, Wednesday, Sept. 1 to provide an update on COVID-19 in the province.

While the briefing itself presented no new information, the media scrum afterwards offered more detailed information on the type of vaccine passports Higgs alluded New Brunswickers would be getting, without directly stating we will be…or will not.

Unlike vaccine passports in Ontario, which formally roll out later this month, the Higgs variety will simply be a tool ensure New Brunswickers are not restricted in their ability to “move freely throughout our country” by lack of being able to show official provincial vaccination status.

Higgs said the passports “likely would come” but added there is currently “no sense of urgency” as is being see in Quebec and Ontario.

The Higgs-style passport would not limit entry to businesses or events; businesses and venues will have the freedom to choose if they will require proof of vaccination to enter.

For the full story, check out the Tuesday, Sept. 6 edition of The Saint Croix Courier.