Crafters’ Corner – Easter egg wreath project

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to start doing some Easter crafts with the kids. There are so many cute craft projects for kids at this time of year, and we have one for you this week that the kids will love putting together. This cute paper Easter egg wreath is super-easy to make, and it is a project that kids of all ages can help with. You might have to do the cutting for the little ones, but they will be able to do the colouring and other parts of the project.

You don’t need a lot of expensive craft supplies for this project. At the most, it will only cost around $10 for you to be able to make several of these cute wreaths. This would also be a great craft activity for a kids’ Easter party. You can have all of the pieces cut out and ready to go, and then the kids can colour the eggs and put the wreaths together. This is a good way to let the kids go wild and use their imaginations for lots of different and fun colour combinations.


• Paper plates

• Construction paper

• Glue stick

• Crayons, markers, coloured pencils, or paints

• Paint brushes if you are using paints

• Glitter (optional)

• Egg-shaped cookie cutter

• Gift bow (optional)

• Scissors

• Pinking shears (optional)

• Ribbon


• Cut the inside portion of the paper plates so you have a ring shape. The inside sections can be used to make paper eggs to colour.

• Using the cookie cutter, trace out several egg shapes on the leftover paper plate portions and the construction paper.

• Cut out the egg shapes. If you want to make them fancier, use pinking shears to give the eggs a funky edge.

• Get the kids to colour the eggs, using crayons, markers, paints, etc. If little ones are doing this project, crayons is probably the best choice because there won’t be a lot of mess to clean up afterwards.

• Once the eggs have been coloured, if the kids want to add some sparkle, use the glitter. Use the glue stick to cover the areas that they want to put the glitter on, and then sprinkle the glitter (have a newspaper underneath so they don’t end up getting glitter all over the place as it is very hard to clean up afterwards).

• Use the glue stick to glue the eggs to the paper plate ring. Cut a small hole at the top with the scissors.

• Insert a piece of ribbon into the hole at the top of the Easter egg wreath. Tie the ribbon into a cute little bow.

• If you are using gift bows, glue one to the top of the plate to give the wreath a more finished look.