Cumberland formally declared candidate for Saint Croix riding for the People’s Alliance of NB

Sari Green/Courier Rod Cumberland, a lifelong resident of Saint Croix, was declared the candidate for the Peoples’ Alliance Party of NB Saint Croix Riding at a rally held at the Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen. Former candidate Joyce Wright said she can think of no better person to run for the people in this area.

St. Stephen – A rally was held on Saturday, January 25 at the Garcelon Civic Center in St. Stephen to declare Rod Cumberland as the MLA candidate for the Peoples’ Alliance Party of NB Saint Croix Riding.

A large crowd gathered to support Cumberland as he announced his candidacy and spoke about changing the balance of power in “this neck of the woods”, including party leader Kris Austin, Fredericton and Grand Lake MLA Rick DeSaulniers, and former Saint Croix candidate Joyce Wright. Cumberland, who is a lifelong resident of Saint Croix, said he and the rest of the people in the area share a dream of bringing common sense to government.

“When you break it down, I’m a problem solver. That’s what I do. I solve problems, and I want to share with you my proven ability to do just that. I dig hard to get the facts, consider the advantages and disadvantages, and make a decision for an outcome that benefits most or all involved,” said Cumberland.

Cumberland said he has been very busy talking to people in the riding, and he is encouraged most people are interested in the same thing as he is – change. He said residents are looking for hope, and they want someone who can make a real difference in the area. He said there is a great opportunity for change, and he would like to “step up to the plate and go to work for the good people of Saint Croix”.

Cumberland spoke about his family’s history in the region, going back to 1813 when his great grandfather, Archie Cumberland, was born in Pomeroy Ridge. He said his family has “worked the forests and fields, and walked the roads in this area” ever since, and just last year his son and his wife came back to the area to take up the family’s tradition of working in the woods. Cumberland feels that he has a great connection to the riding, and that he is the best candidate for the New Brunswick Legislature.

Former People’s Alliance candidate Joyce Wright spoke to the crowd before introducing Cumberland. She said if she can’t run, she thinks the best person for the job is Cumberland.

“There is nobody I’d rather see run than this man right here,” said Wright. “It’s time for this riding to stand up and make a difference. Never has an election been more critical. Never have the eyes of this province been on this riding more than they are now. You have a chance to show this entire province what it means to put your vote where your heart is.”

Wright said she is thrilled to think that the third time will be a charm for her party in this riding, and said that Cumberland will be the next MLA for the riding.