Delivery issues through Canada Post continue for our customers around Charlotte County


Saint Andrews – The Saint Croix Courier/Courier Weekend has recently experienced disruptions in the delivery service carried out by Canada Post, for newspapers routed through the Saint Andrews post office, slated for delivery to Bayside, Bocabec and Chamcook.

Additionally, delivery issues continue for all deliveries made out of the Moores Mills post office.  A list of those affected areas is below.

Our office has filed formal complaints with Canada Post on behalf of our customers, but we also encourage our subscribers to call the Canada Post Customer Service line, at 1-800-267-1177, to lodge a complaint as well, to (ideally) indicate to Canada Post the severity of the issue.

Do not call the local Canada Post offices directly, but when calling the 800 number, please ensure to obtain the name of the representative, as well as the service ticket number of the call, should you lodge a complaint.

The following areas have been affected with delivery delays out of the Moores Mills :

Moores Mills

Tower Hill

Pleasant Ridge


Oak Hill





Our subscribers, and readers, are tremendously important to us, and we rely on Canada Post to provide a high standard of service, to get our product to you.

At this time, our expectations are not being met.

Thank you for your understanding, and patience, while we continue to attempt to resolve the issue with Canada Post.

Management and staff of The Saint Croix Courier