St. Stephen – Auto parts suppliers across Canada have switched from manufacturing auto parts to producing face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers who have been working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford Canada is one of those suppliers, turning its Windsor, Ontario site operations to the manufacture of face shields. In addition to working with the federal government to ensure face shields would be distributed throughout Canada to healthcare workers they have also given masks to each of their dealerships for staff to use.

At Downey Ford St. Stephen, Sales Associate Nikki Pomeroy said the face shields are not something they tend to use in their everyday business, so they decided to donate their shields to healthcare workers in St. Stephen and McAdam.

“Ford Canada made a bunch of masks for the medical field,” said Pomeroy. “That was from the news, which a lot of people know about. But they also sent masks to every Ford dealer. We received 100, and we decided to donate 50 of them to the Charlotte County Hospital, 25 to Lincourt Manor, and 25 to Wauklehegan Manor, which is a nursing home in McAdam.”

Pomeroy said they delivered face shields to the Charlotte County Hospital and Lincourt Manor within the past couple of weeks. They are still making arrangements to deliver face shields to the McAdam nursing home. She said they wanted to be able to thank front line healthcare workers, and this was a great way to do it.

“We wanted to donate them on behalf of Downey Ford St. Stephen as a thank you to our front line workers for everything they do for our community,” said Pomeroy.

Facility Administrator and Nurse Manager for ER and CCU ambulatory clinics at the Charlotte County Hospital Theresa Comeau said the face shields will be used for healthcare workers at the facility. She said while there hasn’t been a shortage of PPE, it’s always great to have extra supplies on hand if they are needed. She and the rest of the hospital staff appreciate the donation, and the face shields will be put to good use as they are needed.

“I would like to sincerely thank them for thinking of us and offering. It’s great to have that extra personal protective equipment, so we have enough to keep the staff safe. Within Horizon, we haven’t had a shortage. We’ve been doing okay as far as having enough equipment provided for us, but certainly, to have the extra is greatly appreciated.”