Fundy Shores recreation library nearly set to launch

(Robert Fisher photo) Trekking poles strapped on a day pack ready for a hike.

FUNDY SHORES – The recreation library in Fundy Shores will be open for borrowing before the end of the month.

Chief administrative officer (CAO) Linda Sullivan Brown said she is putting the final pieces together and expects to have it ready by the long weekend at the latest.

Available equipment includes walking poles, stroller skis for winter, snowshoes, yoga mats, yoga videos, washer toss games, disc golf equipment and shuffleboard.

“I think I even have a little bit of money left to go pick up a few other things,” said the CAO.

With the first phase of the project nearly complete, Sullivan Brown has applied for grants to begin work on the second and third phases.

“Phase two is to help put play boxes in our playground and by our basketball court,” she said, adding they will acquire some new benches for people to sit on. The play boxes will have balls, hula hoops and other children’s play equipment.

“Just things people can take out, play with while they’re here in the yard and put back.”

Sullivan Brown is hopeful she’ll know if the grant has been awarded in the next couple weeks. The money would come through the Community Investment Fund.

When Sullivan Brown was planning the recreation library, she considered active, passive and social recreation. Phase three, for which she has also applied for a Community Action Fund grant, is passive recreation, for example activities people can do alone or in smaller groups, such as photography, painting, gardening and quilting. In addition to the grant, the municipality has commitments from individuals and groups for in-kind contributions, for example to provide photography classes.

In addition to classes and instruction, the third phase would include a reference library with books on photography and other arts and crafts activities.

The CAO says planning is ongoing for what kinds of classes and instruction would be offered.

“We do have a lead on somebody coming in to teach people how to get the best bang for their buck when using their phone for photography,” she said as an example.

People wanting to borrow equipment can call the office in advance or stop in. They’ll need to provide a driver’s license and complete a liability waiver. How long they can have equipment for will depend on the situation and could range from a weekend to a couple weeks.