Gallery preps for annual Square Foot Show

Submitted photo Grand Manan’s 2021 Square Foot Show prize winners.

GRAND MANAN – As Grand Manan Art Gallery wraps up its current art show, staff prepare for the gallery’s ninth Square Foot Show.

Opening July 17 at 1 p.m. and running until July 29 at 6 p.m., the gallery’s major fundraiser provides artists from across the country with the opportunity to submit a square-foot piece to the show, regardless of medium.

“It’s a fundraiser for the gallery and an opportunity for new artists,” said publication co-ordinator Mary Hawkins. “They can submit a couple of pieces and see how they’re received.”

Visitors to the Square Foot Show are asked to vote for their three favourite pieces. A $200 prize is awarded to the artist with the most visitor votes, followed by a $150 prize presented to the second place artist, and $100 for the artist placing third.

“It’s really interesting to watch, especially if a couple or two friends come in … it gets people thinking and talking about what they like and what appeals to them,” said Hawkins.

Dropping a toonie in the lighthouse at the front of the gallery will get you access to the three galleries filled with art of many media.

Each art piece will be available for purchase at a fee of $200.

“There’s some very well-known artists whose work would normally sell for a lot more,” said Hawkins.

Grand Manan Art Gallery has seen an encouraging start to the season and staff hope the momentum continues with the popular Square Foot Show.

“You never know what to expect … both of our first two shows have been amazing,” said Hawkins.