Ganong peppermints back by popular demand, for a limited time

St. Stephen – Have you been missing those delicious pink and double-thick peppermints from Ganong Bros. Ltd.? A lot of people were disappointed when the company decided to discontinue their favourite mint lozenges, which did not sit well with candy lovers all over Canada. In fact, the company not only received calls and mail inquiries, but a petition was also circulated, asking Ganong’s to bring back this tasty candy treat. So, the company has decided to do just that, and has released a limited edition tin that includes both the pink wintergreen lozenges and the popular double thick white peppermints.

Janelle Shillington, Director of Marketing for Ganong, said the popular candies were developed in the 1800s, and until they were discontinued, and even now with the limited edition, they have been produced on the same equipment which has been used since their inception.

“We’ve been producing lozenges and mints for over 130 years,” said Shillington. “The equipment was purchased originally by Gilbert Ganong, in I think it was 1889 from Europe. And it’s really the same equipment that we’ve been producing our lozenges on, with upgrades over time.”

Shillington said that with the rising costs of working with “antiquated equipment”, the company made the difficult decision to discontinue manufacturing the pink peppermint lozenges. Even though they had done upgrades on the equipment, the rising cost of using this equipment was the ultimate factor in their decision. Little did they know that this decision would prove to be one that disappointed many candy lovers. So, in 2018 they decided to discontinue the popular pink lozenges.

“We knew that people would miss them,” said Shillington. “We knew how popular they were and well loved. But, I would say the amount of consumer response took us a little bit by surprise in terms of the connections that people were sharing, and the hundreds of calls and emails and letters that were generated, not only in terms of why they miss them for their flavour or their size (there’s nothing like a Ganong mint) but there’s the connections that people had and the traditions associated with them.”

Now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was looking for ways to cheer people up. Shillington said they didn’t have to look too far for the inspiration they needed, based on the high demand for these mints. So, their team got together and once again produced the candies in the same, old-fashioned manner that they have always been produced, by skilled candy makers.

“We’re really happy to provide the mints to customers during this difficult time in a limited edition keepsake tin.”

It’s not just people who have a love for the wintergreen peppermints. They are also a favourite of horses, and many people in the horse world were disappointed that they could no longer offer these treats to their animals.

“Apparently they’re a nice treat for horses. Maybe it’s just the sweetness of them, and the sugar. The horses were even upset,” Shillington laughed.

The pink wintergreen lozenges and the popular double thick white peppermints are currently available at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and many other independent retailers in a limited edition collectable tin, and they are also available online at These tins will only be available for a limited time, until quantities run out.

“It’s a limited edition, available while supplies last. We hope that people will enjoy the keepsake tin as well.”