Gardner stands as nominee for Liberal party in Saint Croix MLA race

Honeydale – The provincial Liberal party will once again have a horse in the race for MLA in the riding of Saint Croix, as Charlotte County’s own John Gardner has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the Liberal party nomination.

An 8th generation resident of Charlotte County, Gardner has strong ties to the communities within, and is a well known face in the region.

“I have always said we need to be part of the solution to make NB grow. Now more than ever,” said Gardner in a Facebook post Friday.

“Our fishermen and farmers, our industry and heritage are around every corner.

“Our hospital offers the promise of enhanced healthcare, to help in the backlog that has been made worse as the system shut down to handle the pandemic.

“I have been in the classrooms and have seen the passion of our teachers. We need to support them,” the post went on to say.

A well known advocate for healthcare in the region, long time active political commentator, and the third current/former Courier reporter to enter the overall race, Gardner is no stranger to the issues facing those living in the riding of Saint Croix.

Gardner said the move comes from lengthy consideration and consultation, saying the weight of the responsibility of the role was a part of the consideration – and it’s something he’s ready to take on.

Gardner also said while he will run under a Liberal party banner, “first and foremost, it will always be this place, my home, Saint Croix that I will represent.”

The nomination event takes place virtually on Thursday, August 13 – at this time, Gardner is the only candidate.