Happy November everyone!


Summer is long gone, the leaves have fallen from the trees, the temperature has dropped, the time is falling back, and we are moving into the winter season.  In fact, some reported snow in our county last week.

Being one who enjoys the four seasons, it is okay by me.  I find the first snowfall delightful.
Here comes that extra hour of sleep you lost in March.  Just set your clock back an hour on Sunday night, November 6, before you go to bed and enjoy that extra 60 minutes before the alarm goes off.  This time change often finds many going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. So, be prepared for less sunshine for awhile.

For those with seasonal disorder or SAD, now it the time to think of some extra ways to find light and maybe a little vitamin D supplement.

And did you know? Police statistics show there is a spike in car crashes and pedestrian injuries the week after the time changes, so be extra careful out there.

Well, I really didn’t mean to find all the negative things about the time change.  But, there is that positive about a whole extra hour to lie in bed.

The Canteen at the Blacks Harbour Rink is under new management and open for business.  Be sure to grab your hot cup of coffee and a snack while enjoying the game or skating.
In case there is someone out there who doesn’t know it is election time in the country just across the river from us here in Charlotte County.  Well, it is.

Facebook is full of those for and against the two candidates for President.  Comments are not only made by U.S. residents, but by Canadians as well.

I was asked why I am interested in the American election, since it has nothing to do with me.  Well yes, it does.  Living just 40 minutes from the U.S., many of us spend a great deal of time there and care a great deal about our neighbour.

This brings me to a point which I find hard to understand.  Why do discussions become arguments?  Why do opinions become a hit on one’s personal self?  Why does any one person believe they are right and will not even consider any other point of view?  And how does anyone learn by not listening to all points of view?

I guess this would, sadly, go along with any issue in life.

Learning has been one of my favorite things in life, and honestly, I have learned from so many people with whom I have disagreed, simply by listening and hearing.  Sometimes I changed my mind about issues, and sometimes I hung on to my opinion, but never did I ever feel the person disagreeing with me was all wrong.

Our opinions are formed by where we come from, where we have been and where we are now in life.  By finding another’s opinion totally different from ours, we need to stop and know they have walked a different path from us and if we take time to listen, hear and not judge, then we will learn new things all the time, plus end up with understanding of one another.

Understanding one another – are we capable or willing?

It is hunting season in Charlotte County.  Make sure to put on a bright color, preferably ‘hunter orange,” when walking in and around the woods for the next few weeks.

Our Harbour was an angry Harbour on Friday with the big wind.  Standing on shore watching the power behind the incoming tide is to wonder at the tremendous power pushing a billion tonnes of water that fill and empty the Bay of Fundy twice a day.
Our Planet is synced just right.  Let us all respect it.

To ponder:  Two-thirds of the world’s wildlife will be extinct by 2020.

“I love when people who have been through hell come out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire.”
-Stephanie Sparkles

Until next time – take care and Believe!