Harper’s Exotic Animals & Pet Supply partners with Petcurean and donates almost 200 lbs of cat food to Charlotte County SPCA

St. Stephen – About two weeks ago, Doug Harper, owner of Harper’s Exotic Animals & Pet Supply, noticed a post on the Charlotte County SPCA Facebook page saying that they were in need of cat food. A couple of phone calls and three days later, he had managed to secure nearly 200 pounds of cat food from his supplier, Petcurean. Harper said he always tries to help the SPCA whenever he can, by donating any spare bags of pet food, or goods that are damaged or ready to expire. This time, he went a step further and went to his supplier so he could get even more food to donate.

“I reached out to my dog food company, Petcurean, and he said he wasn’t sure what they had available. He messaged me back in three days and said that they were going to partner up and get 200 pounds of cat food for them,” said Harper.

Harper said he received the brand’s two highest quality cat foods, Go and Now Fresh, and if it is given in the proper amounts, this food should keep the cats at the shelter well-fed until at least half way through the winter. He added that some of the food may go to the local Food Bank or to Carma, because the SPCA often donates to both organizations.

“That’s why I try to get a little bit extra. It’s not just them. It’s going to go to a couple of overflow areas that the SPCA helps. Hopefully, we can continue to do that. Every time that they’re down and out, I tell them to give me a message and see what I’ve got here that can help,” said Harper.

As long as he is able to help, Harper plans to continue donating to organizations that care for animals, as well as to people who need help to feed their pets. Following the SPCA donation, Harper said he was also giving five bags of cat food, along with 30 sample bags, to a lady in the community who posted on one of the single moms Facebook pages. She said that they needed cat food, and Harper stepped up to help her.

“Any chance that we can do something like that, $20 to me is way better than someone who doesn’t have that $20 to get cat food,” said Harper. “We’ve got quite a few clients to do that. We let them run tabs until they get their pay cheques so they can feed their animals. I know what it’s like to be down and out. That’s why we do it. Hopefully, someday if we’re down and out, people can return the favour to us.”

Harper had posted on his Facebook page that he was making the donations today, and it wasn’t long before he started receiving messages and phone calls from others who wanted to chip in to help feed the cats at the shelter, or help others who are having hard times and are unable to feed their pets. He said he is always thrilled by these donations, and can’t say enough about the generosity of the community, especially during a pandemic when many people are struggling financially.

“They’re messaging me now, wanting to give donations as well, or say ‘here, hold onto this until the next time somebody needs food. You can buy it for them’.”

Harper said he would like to thank Petcurean and his sales rep, Chris Mulder, for their generosity. He said the company has been “nothing but supportive” since he opened his doors, and they are always ready to step up and help the community. Petcurean is an independent company that is highly supportive of rescue animals, and Harper said they like working with him because all of his animals are rescues.

“They love us because we’re one of their better sellers,” said Harper. “They help us out any time our community is in need or we reach out to them to say we need something to help out. They’re an independent company that’s based big on rescues. Their motto is ‘adopt, don’t shop’ so they love to help out when they see these rescues.”