Heat warning in effect today, Friday, June 19 for Grand Manan and Charlotte County

Grand Manan/Coastal Charlotte County – The record-breaking hot weather is expected to continue today, with a break on the way in the east on Saturday.

Most of the province will return to warning criteria again on Sunday.

Maximum temperatures today are expected to reach 32 to 37 degrees Celsius, with a Humidex of 35 to 42.
Maximum temperatures Saturday will be near 30 degrees Celsius with a Humidex of 37.

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place.

Reduce your heat risk. Schedule outdoor activities during the coolest parts of the day.

Heat warnings are issued when very high temperature or humidity conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to NBstorm@canada.ca or tweet reports using #NBStorm.