Hillary’s Hope for Hunger fundraises at Fog Fest

Submitted photo Patty Borthwick at the first Hillary’s Hope for Hunger fundraiser in April 2021. Flatbed trailers were full of food by the end of the day.

BLACKS HARBOUR – Between monetary and edible donations, organizers with Hillary’s Hope for Hunger left the Fog Fest parade filled with gratitude.

Hillary’s Hope for Hunger has held a fundraiser each April since 2021. This year, organizers chose to add an extra fundraiser and attend Fog Fest in Blacks Harbour. They went into the parade with no expectations, but left feeling immense gratitude to the community.

“We were really excited about it,” said Patty Borthwick. “We’ll do it again next year.”

They raised $702.95 and 188 pounds of food for local food banks.

Hillary’s Hope for Hunger was created to honour the memory of Borthwick’s daughter, Hillary.

Borthwick compared her daughter to late actor Robin Williams. Hillary was someone who always wanted to make others happy, while she was dealing with her own pain.

After Hillary took her own life in December 2020, the Borthwick family decided to do something good in honour of their beloved daughter.

“You always have to find something positive,” said Borthwick.

They began holding a fundraiser for the food banks every April, as close as possible to Hillary’s birthday.

Hillary used to contribute anything she could to the community pantry. She would drop off food and hats and scarves she knit herself. The food pantry is a resource available to local residents who rely on the food banks but run out of their allotted food and need additional supplies.

Supporting the local food banks and her community members in need was something Hillary cared about. When her life-long friend mentioned the idea of fundraising in her honour, Borthwick was thrilled.

“It was something to keep her memory alive,” she said.

The fundraiser supports local food banks while advocating for mental health awareness in the community. Hillary’s story continues the essential conversation.

April is one of the most challenging months for food banks, according to Borthwick. Between that and it being Hillary’s birth month, they figured April was the perfect time to give the food banks some additional support.

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which aligned with Fog Fest.

Borthwick hopes that through these fundraisers, she can support the community who supported her family through the most challenging time in their lives and who continue to support their efforts to amend the Coroners Act.

“Maybe then the next family isn’t fighting so hard for answers,” she said.