HORD, Lois Bigelow Borden

Lois Bigelow Borden Hord died at age 94, after a two-day illness, on June 12, 2017 at the Charlotte County Hospital in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.
She was born in Toronto, Ontario on January 31, 1923, daughter of Mary Whidden Borden and Perry Borden of Nova Scotia. The family emigrated to Waterbury, Connecticut soon thereafter. After graduating from the Northfield School for Girls in Massachussetts, she returned to Ontario to attend McMaster University in Hamilton. Already an avid choral singer, she was a contralto soloist in several college Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. She graduated with B.A. and R.N. degrees in 1945. On July 27, 1946, she married Harris Hord, a plant scientist, after he returned from his lengthy WW II posting with the R.A.F. in Scotland.
In 1951 the family, with two daughters, moved to La Ceiba, Honduras, where Harris was employed by the Standard Fruit (later Dole) company. There Lois learned Spanish and grew to love Honduran music, dance, cuisine, and people. In the years to come, after the birth of two more daughters, she became an instructor at the first nursing school in Honduras.
As a volunteer, Lois formed and led the first Brownie troop in the country. She worked as a nurse at the local charity hospital and interpreted for the clinics operated by the Christian Medical Society. She promoted international cultural activities and was a local representative for Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress. She wrote a booklet “El Niño Sano,” still in use today, to promote breast feeding and the use of fresh local produce for improved nutrition for disadvantaged children.
In 1971, the family returned for two years to their home in Newmarket, Ontario; and they then moved to St. Andrews, NB, where Harris became an administrator at the St. Andrews Biological Station. This was to be their last move. Lois worked as a nurse at Charlotte County Hospital and Passamaquoddy Lodge, and taught practical nursing at what is now NBCC. She was on the board of the town’s Music, Arts, and Drama society and sang a strong alto in the Shiretown Singers and the Wesley United Church choir. She was a member of the committee that got the local Meals on Wheels on the road, as well as the group that formed Charlotte County Hospice. A lover of reading, Lois was active in book clubs. In her later years, as her vision dimmed, she switched to listening to audio books along with her beloved classical CDs and radio programs. Until the end it made her very happy to be with and greet friends and acquaintances when she swam in Katy’s Cove, attended her fitness class and walked to town daily to do errands.
Lois was preceded in death by her husband Harris in February of 2016, and she leaves four daughters: Jessica H. (Steve) Noyes of Vermont; Charlotte Valliere Hord of Saint John and St. Andrews, NB; Marjory Hord (Refugio) Méndez of Mexico, and Sheila (Ron) Roes of Alberta; six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held in early July at Wesley United Church.