Kangaroo food delivery app now available for St. Stephen

ST. STEPHEN – As a student at Acadia University, Logan MacGillivray faced a huge problem on a daily basis: he was always hungry. Unfortunately, as a student, MacGillivray didn’t have much money for groceries, or even a vehicle to go out to pick anything up. He also claimed to be a terrible cook, so even if he did have groceries he wouldn’t have been able to cook much in the first place. This problem led to MacGillivray creating Kangaroo, an online food delivery app specific to smaller markets.

“I’d go back to the city and use online delivery apps, and I loved them because they were super convenient,” said MacGillivray, creator of Kangaroo.

“But, those services just didn’t exist in the town of Wolfville where I was, a small market like that. So, what I wanted to do was get an on-demand delivery platform into a small market like Wolfville.”

MacGillivray said he started to learn more about the industry, and he quickly discovered that in many markets, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The delivery fees tend to be high, along with the commission rates for restaurants which make being able to offer deliveries nearly unmanageable. So, he decided he wanted to build a food delivery service for smaller markets that is affordable for both restaurants and customers, and can still see a profit at the end of the day. Thus, Kangaroo was born.

“What we wanted to do was build a service that can operate in smaller markets to give the restaurants in those markets the option to have delivery, but also do it at a cost that wasn’t breaking the bank for restaurants.”

MacGillivray and his team created a delivery algorithm that allows them to keep the costs down, thereby giving those benefits back to the restaurants and customers. The restaurants can sign up for the platform at a cost that is zero to their margins, which he said the team is very proud of. The goal is to offer any restaurant the opportunity to be able to offer delivery services to customers, without it being “at the expense of their margin”.

Kangaroo launched in St. Stephen on June 17, and already has several partners using the platform, including Subway, Pita Pit, Burger King, Milltown Market, Pizza Shack, and McDonald’s. MacGillivray thinks this is a great service for the area, and he and his team hope customers are going to enjoy being able to order meals online and have them delivered to their homes.

So, why did MacGillivray and his team decide to launch in St. Stephen? Currently, Kangaroo is operating in 20 markets throughout Atlantic Canada. They launched the service last October, and have been expanding ever since. He said they have markets they are interested in, and listen to what restaurant owners want.

“If restaurants are reaching out to us asking for that area because they want to have a delivery option, we want to listen to them, and that was the case in St. Stephen,” said MacGillivray. “What we heard was there were restaurants that really wanted to launch. We even had customers reaching out to us as well. So, it just seemed like a no-brainer to go there, and I’m really excited about it.”

So far, everything seems to be going well for Kangaroo, local restaurants, and customers. MacGillivray said the restaurant owners love being able to offer a delivery service that doesn’t cost a fortune, and they have had great feedback from both restaurant owners and customers. Currently, Kangaroo is running a launch promotion in St. Stephen. Customers can go to the website and use the discount code, “Roowards” to receive $10 off their first order. There is no minimum order, but the discount is limited to one per customer.

“We also have a rewards program on our app,” said MacGillivray. “If you were to sign up for our app and create an account, you actually receive ‘Roowards’. You receive tokens for every order that you place, or for referring other people to the app. Everyone is given their own code. If someone signs up using your code, you’ll receive a token towards your Roowards, which are different discounts over time.”

Signing on for the Kangaroo service is a no-brainer for restaurants. MacGillivray said this is a company that was created to help restaurants. There are no sign-up costs for restaurants, and there are no subscription fees or ongoing costs. Kangaroo supplies each restaurant with a tablet that they can receive orders through, and everything, including menus, is uploaded for them.

“We only make money if the restaurant is making money,” said MacGillivray. “That was a big part of what we wanted to build. We send restaurants all their equipment, tablets, marketing materials, everything, at absolutely no cost. It was really a platform that was made to benefit all the stakeholders in the deliveries. As of right now, the industry is a pretty lose, lose, lose, and we want to turn it into a win, win, win for everyone.”

Anyone who wants to use the Kangaroo local delivery service can visit the website at www.orderkangaroo.com. Restaurant owners who would like to learn more about offering this delivery service to customers can email jointoday@orderkangaroo.com