Karen Ludwig announces her intention to seek the Liberal nomination for Saint Croix

Krisi Marples/Courier Karen Ludwig, right, with husband Andrew at the International Festival parade in St. Stephen. Ludwig has announced she will be seeking the nomination with the Saint Croix Liberal Association.

Saint Andrews – Karen Ludwig, former Member of Parliament for New Brunswick Southwest, announced her intention to seek the Liberal nomination for the provincial riding of Saint Croix.

Ludwig, who represented the federal riding of New Brunswick Southwest from 2015 to 2019, says her decision to offer for the candidacy was made after a thoughtful reflection based on encouragement from people in the riding who believe it is important for Saint Croix to have strong and experienced representation in the provincial legislature.

“I am humbled that people in the Saint Croix riding have reached out to me and encouraged me to put my name forward for the Liberal nomination”, said Ludwig. She indicated that many people are anxious and concerned about the warnings by Premier Higgs that deep cuts are coming in the provincial budget.

“Recent media stories about the possible closing of the blood laboratory at the Charlotte County Hospital worry people that rural communities like those in Saint Croix will lose much needed services like health care and economic development support”, said Ludwig.

Ludwig believes it’s critical that ridings like Saint Croix have a strong voice in Fredericton. She expressed concern at the recent comments by Premier Higgs that Members of the Legislative Assembly may be an economic ‘Achilles Heel’ and a potential barrier to prosperity.

“This shows just how out of touch the Premier is”, said Ludwig. “He wants to carry out his agenda of cuts and he doesn’t want interference from MLAs who might stand up for their communities. He is saying that unless you elect a Conservative MLA, he won’t be interested in listening to their concerns. I have a message for the premier and the people of the riding is that if I’m elected to represent the people of Saint Croix, I intend to stand up for my communities and for the people of the riding.”