Krisi Marples Editorial: A very local Christmas

A very local Christmas

Krisi Marples

It may seem impossible to comprehend, but take a deep breath and have a glance at your calendars, folks, because December 1st, and all that the date implies, is upon us.  Honestly, I’m reeling slightly from the apparent time travel that took me from November 1st to here, but that doesn’t change the very fact that here, indeed, we are.

And with the start of December comes what can only be described as ‘the holiday crazies.’  Suddenly, you find yourself inundated with music and flyers and red and green and lights and carols.  Even that extension cord you needed is candy cane striped.  (True story, totally love it.)  And with the cornucopia of Christmas themed everything, comes the reminder of the pressure of shopping.  Suddenly, we are making lists, checking online sales, and trying to decide how many people in the office, or at the school, or the Board you sit on, need a gift, and what kind of gift that should be.

And now my point.  Every holiday season, we push our way through box stores, and sit for hours scouring cyber sales and hoping for the best.  So here’s my challenge to you, my Charlotte County friends.  This year, avoid the box store, and shop local.

It’s an idea that gets touted, particularly on Facebook with the meme that tracks your locally spent dollar, but the truth is, it’s a fun, and valid idea.  Rather than put your hard earned money into the pocket of a large corporation, by purchasing an item that had little to no though put into it, take the time to find something unique, or whimsical, or homemade with a local seller, crafter, artisan or foodie.  From honey to repurposed furniture, to cool downtown stores with one of a kind items, some of the best gifts you could possibly give can be found right here, from people you know.

And it’s true that your dollars spent locally stay local, help other local businesses, and boost the local economy, and then everyone wins.  Suddenly, you ‘ll find yourself not fighting to just get the shopping done, but enjoying yourself, chatting with your neighbours and shop owners.  You’ll find items that people will use and cherish, and may even be so lucky as to have a great story of how you chose the gift, or why the artisan made it,to go along with the gift itself.