Kudos to the snow removal crews who keep us moving

Editorializing with Krisi Marples

Salute to the Drivers

I am confident that there are, in the world, country, and province, a plethora of political issues and actions that I could attempt to skewer in an editorial, but all things macro have become micro, in the wake of the week we have had, that can only aptly be called ‘snowmageddon’.

I have had the benefit of living in many places, around the world, and today, I am going to tip my hat to the embattled snow plow, front loader, and truck drivers, here in the town of St. Stephen, who have been working tirelessly this week to keep our roads clear and drivable.

Having spent time in many large cities, as well as desperately rural hamlets, I’ve experienced the gamut of snow removal infrastructure, from Montreal, where it occasionally seemed the snow was being caught before hitting the ground, to rural Nova Scotia, from where I have several stories of being literally trapped on my road, and property for days, waiting on a plow to arrive.

In one instance, friends drove up to the 15 ft wall of snow that stranded us, and tossed bags of supplies over the bank, so that we at least had some food while we awaited machines large enough to get us out.

Good, good times.

So, I know snow removal, and quite frankly, the Town of St. Stephen are rock stars in this department.  This week, while preparing for this second storm, crews were out removing snow from town streets, and I saw a Facebook comment, condemning the amount of time it had taken them to do so.

It, quite frankly, amazed me. Took too long?!  I’ve never lived anywhere, in memory, where town crews trucked snow away, to ensure safe travels for its residents.  And I’ve lived in some major, urban centres.  I am in constant awe of how often a town plow heads up my street, keeping it drivable, when in other locales, having waited more than a day for a plow, the road was still only passable to large, four-wheel drive vehicles – if they could make it down the single, narrow pass.

Instead, here, even during the heart of Monday’s snowpocolypse, crews were attempting to make roads usable by, at the very least, emergency vehicles.

So, my heartfelt thanks and admiration to the crews that keep us moving.  You are not only outstanding, but appreciated.

Krisi Marples