Letter to the Editor – Left leaning media reporting and risk communication around COVID-19 needs improvement


After China’s and the WHO’s initial and purposeful misinformation were cleared from the pandemic’s international narrative and the West’s public health officials knew there was human-to-human spread, its difficult for me to understand what they were thinking – both elected and public health officials did not move more aggressively to secure the most vulnerable.

Similar to other emergencies, if response priorities are prevent loss of life, protect property and infrastructure necessary for social resiliency, then for public health experts not to urgently address society’s most vulnerable (elderly and people with chronic medical conditions living in long-term healthcare facilities) appears negligent.

To protect intensive care unit capacities, public health experts reaction was to stop the economy to enable public isolation – a bold strategic decision – but not addressing concerns such as preventing spread to the most vulnerable. Further, with their risk communications to shutter the world’s economies, public health care experts did an extremely poor job of risk communications by not also addressing the toll of that decision on the public’s collective mental health.

Many hard working Canadians view government handouts beneath their dignity yet the government gave them no alternative, promoting a large proportion of society as non-essential, which has had a yet to be measured negative impact on Canadian society such as a possible forthcoming recession?

The media’s reporting has been less than genuine by continuing to pit the economy v. COVID, with many left leaning and politically correct spokespersons demonizing those concerned with Canada’s economy. With the media’s use of COVID numbers such as propagandizing the number of cases as an indication of a growing risk, the media’s left leaners are obviously politically motivated when instead of risk modelers guessing, more known about positive cases due to more testing is a positive situation because it provides real data.

With the media’s future risk communications about the pandemic, instead of the economy v. COVID headline, please consider presentation of a more comprehensive analysis by also addressing the following ones: (a) Canadians who are giving up, due to government’s restrictions on their ability to freely participate in commerce – losing their small businesses and jobs – and resulting manifestation of mental health outcomes such as increasing numbers of suicides, domestic violence cases, child abuse cases, drug overdoses); (b) Trudeau’s China policy costs lives, that Canada’s dependency on Chinese pharmaceuticals and medical materials is an obvious national vulnerability); (c) Did federal and provincial officials purposely or naively sacrifice Canada’s elderly and infirmed to protect ICU capacity?

Instead of Canada’s military having to come forward and provide hard hitting honesty about the negligent treatment of Canadians living in long-term healthcare facilities, where was Canada’s media? Why did it require the Canadian military whistle blower report before senior federal and provincial politicians took notice? Perhaps Canada’s left leaning media should strive to become more skeptical of the Trudeau government than its current approach when many media spokespersons and guests are nothing more than Liberal hacks.

Dale Ferriere,

Rolling Dam, NB