Letter to the Editor – Should there be a Community Builders’ Wall of Fame?


St. Stephen has their “Sports Wall of Fame” in the Garcelon Civic Center. Are conditions right to consider developing a Saint Andrews “Community Builders’ Wall of Fame” at the W.C. O’Neill Arena? A “Community Builders’ Wall of Fame” in the Blacks Harbour arena? Another in the St. George Magaguadavic Place? All other Charlotte County communities where people gather?

The Charlotte County Archives has identified, celebrated, and continues to celebrate historic houses in our area. What about the people? The people who built the houses, the stories behind them, the communities they created? Who is ready to stand up and to identify those Individuals and groups who made our communities what are they are today, what they are continuing to evolve into? Those visionaries who saw the potential for vibrant, caring communities where everyone reaches their potential, where everyone is included and made welcome. People who made sure, as well as they were able, that those goals were identified and realized.

We celebrate sports and the wonderful achievements arrived at through innate talent, hours of dedication, talented coaches and supportive families and communities. Why not celebrate those who provide the supports to enable all our residents to succeed?


Sylvia Humphries,

Saint Andrews