Letters to the editor: Government needs to stand-up for, and rethink decommissioning, the Milltown dam


This letter is in response to the article in last week’s The Saint Croix Courier about the decommissioning of the Milltown N.B. Power dam (the oldest operating hydro-electric dam in Canada) located on the St. Croix River between St. Stephen and Calais. This editorial put it just right; they hit the nail right on the head.

What bothers me the most is that there was money put aside a few years ago to upgrade this facility which in turn would produce enough power for the Town of St. Stephen plus. Now they want to spend $30 million of our money to remove it. On the other hand we apparently have an individual or individuals who are prepared to take it off the government’s hand for $1, and spend their own money to upgrade the dam and sell the power back to our province and at the government rate. To me, this is a no-brainer.

The premier, who I think has done a fantastic job this last couple of years dealing with the extra problem, the pandemic, dumped on our lap, stated a few months ago in the Telegraph-Journal that he enjoyed working with figures. He had better check his figures again on this one. I think his old adding-machine needs to be adjusted.

Finally, I just wish our old reliable MLA Leland McGaw was around today. He would not be sitting on his hands and saying nothing. Even Sheldon Lee, another MLA in St George area, on the other side of the political fence, would be standing up and beating the drum in order to keep this productive dam especially in these times when all the media is pushing for green energy.

The only political person around here that I know of that is standing up for the refurbishment of this generating station is the Mayor of St Stephen, Allan MacEachern. He is using what is between his ears; common sense.

Edgar McGibbon,

Moores Mills, N.B.