Letters to the Editor – It’s time for a universal guaranteed annual income


Now is the time to consider a universal guaranteed annual income. When, because of the current pandemic, the federal government announced support for some people, it is very clear that not everyone benefits who should.

Instead of choosing who should get support – and leaving others out, it is time to set in place legislation to support ALL sectors of our economy. Think of the high school graduate who can no longer count on summer employment to help pay for further education. Think of those in the daycare field left with no children to play with, no children to nurture, no children to prepare for the realities and rigour of structured learning. Think of those in the building trades left with no new builds or renovations, no paycheques and few prospects. It is not their fault!

A “safety net” should not have holes. Everyone should benefit. No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, if they can pay the rent, clothe their kids.

Patchwork efforts need to be replaced with a firm foundation for moving forward. A robust investment in a Guaranteed Annual Income for everyone does just that. Our society and economy will be the better for it.

New Brunswick can lead with a fair shake for everyone. A guaranteed annual income is the key.


Sylvia Humphries

Saint Andrews, NB