Looking back: New rules for flying to U.S.


Edited from the Courier Weekend Week of Friday, Nov 3, 2006

ST. STEPHEN – If you’re planning a trip to the U.S. by air in the near future – be warned, you’ll need a passport.

As of Jan. 8, 2007, those flying into the U.S. or arriving at the U.S. by sea, will no longer be able to show a driver’s license and a birth certificate as proof of citizenship as they could in the past.

The measures have been brought in by the U.S. as a part of the U.S. unilateral Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI).

The change also affects U.S. citizens re-entering the U.S. by sea or air.

According to rules that the United States released in August 2006, the following documents are considered secure for entry into the United States from within the western hemisphere by air or sea: a valid passport; a valid U.S. Merchant Mariner Document; a NEXUS Air card when used at a NEXUS Air kiosk; or a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) identification card, when accompanied by current NATO orders.

The rules for crossing the U.S. border by land are yet to be released.

Bobcats shoot Marksmen
ST. STEPHEN – St. Stephen Middle School is no longer the home of the Marksmen.

The school’s sports teams now have a new mascot, one with claws, whiskers, and some pretty big teeth – welcome to the era of the St. Stephen Middle School Bobcats.

“I just started doodling,” said Maggie Murphy, 12, daughter of Sheila Murphy, and the girl who named the team.

“It took me about a half an hour to come up with the design, but to get a real good copy took a lot longer… my garbage can was overflowing.”

The school announced a contest to name the new mascot several weeks ago.
Rebecca Fawkes and Robyn Caldwell, both 11 years old, were all dressed up as Santa’s elves for Halloween on Saturday at the Spooktacular Pumpkin Event at St. Stephen High School. The two girls were walking around the school, looking at the many pumpkins that were being voted on. The event, a fundraiser for the proposed civic centre, raised more than $1,000. The high school auditorium was turned into a haunted house, created by members of the St. Stephen Middle School soccer team. There was face painting, magic by Twisted Tim the Magician and Tony Reader entertained young and old with tales of ghouls and goblins.

20 YEARS AGO – 1996

1,000 gather for historic McAdam ceremony

McADAM – Almost 1,000 people gathered in McAdam Tuesday afternoon to join the Irving family as it gave the McAdam Railway Station to the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission.

Joining Arthur, James and John Irving were Premier Frank McKenna and a host of other dignitaries.

The commission hopes to use the imposing 96-year-old building as a tourist attraction, and plans to preserve and restore the site.

The Irvings also gave 377 kilometres of abandoned rail line, from Grand Falls to Fredericton Junction, down the St. John River valley, and from Saint John to St. George, to the province to use for nature trails.

Gordie Mitchell could have probably sold tickets as a large crowd of onlookers gathered on King Street to watch his and one other house being moved. Dr. George Dashner’s is the first house to go as it’s moved from King Street to a nearby lot on Lisgar Street.

Sir James Dunn Academy won the Southwest Junior High boys soccer championship at a recent playoff tournament in Harvey. Members of the victorious Algonquins team include:

Matt Kiley, William Hoar, Liam Morgan, Neville Crabbe, Robert Nesbitt, Joel Armstrong, Jesse Hunt, Jeff Burridge, Andrew Smith, Robert Monteath, Matthew Gick, Philip Sheen, Jason Mundie, Jason Merchant, Lance Hooper, Ian Haya, Ross Mallory, Justin Lord, Costa Gavaris, Mike Martin, Steven Crabbe, Bill Peppard (coach), John Dalzell (coach) and Asa Soderman.

30 YEARS AGO – 1986

Coffey elected chairman of Hall of Fame governors
ST. STEPHEN – Gordon Coffey of St. Stephen is the new chairman of the board of governors of the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. He was elected at the board’s annual meeting held recently in Fredericton.

Coffey, who was inducted into the Hall in 1971 as a member of the St. Stephen Baseball Teams, succeeds Art Pottle of Saint John, who held the post for one year.

Rev. Bone returns for anniversary
Rev. Lawrence W. Bone of United Memorial Church, Halifax, will be the guest preacher for the 201st anniversary of Kirk-McColl United Church this Sunday, Nov. 2. Bone served as minister of Kirk-McColl from 1973 to 1980, when he left St. Stephen to take up his present pastorate.