McGaw ski hill almost complete

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier Week of Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1987

OAK HILL – Skiers should be sailing over the slopes at McGaw Hill by the end of January or first of February, according to Tourism Regional Supervisor Doug Smith. Four runs with several extra loops are cleared and a sixth run and separate tow for beginners is expected to be ready soon. The four longer runs are serviced by a T-bar which is all in place. Completion of the modern ski lodge is the only thing left before skiing will start. The lodge is necessary so skiers can warm themselves after being on the hill for a while, Smith said. The windows are all installed in the lodge and the building has been insulated. When completed, the lodge will have a cafeteria, washrooms and a large open space for lounging and enjoying the view over the surrounding countryside.

Nanny Jones’ tradition carries on

ST. ANDREWS – Her name was Edith but St. Andrews knew her as Nanny. Edith Jones, a retired English nanny, was single-handedly responsible for the tradition of the Mitten Tree at the Wesley United Church. Remembered as “a lovely lady who loved children,” Nanny Jones would knit a pair of mittens for each small child in the congregation. These mitts were hung on a Christmas tree in the church and handed out at one of the Advent Sunday services. When Nanny Jones passed away about 12 years ago, it was discovered she had already knit that year’s Christmas mittens. Since then the church’s UCW group has continued the tradition.

Grand Manan – Provincial Archivist Marion Beyea of Fredericton visited Grand Manan on the weekend of Nov. 21 and while here met with the president of the Grand Manan Historical Society, Wade Reppert. Together they visited Seal Cove historian Jack Russell. They were shown his very fine collection of old maps, school records and historic island artifacts. Mrs. Beyea was very impressed with his many historic items pertaining to the island’s history.

60 YEARS AGO – 1957

Skating rink is opened – Season tickets on sale

Ice skating at the Ganong Rink got underway this week and a schedule of winter skating has been drawn up by the management, Philip Ganong disclosed today. Ice will be open to all children every afternoon while the evening periods will be devoted to adults and children over 10, unless with an adult.

Flooded cellars

Milltown – Following the heavy rains last week, several cellars in the town were flooded. The town crew was called to the Union, near the Customs House, where the road had become flooded due to clogged sewers.

Robins in December seen in St. Stephen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley, 43 Prince William Street, reported seeing robins strolling about on their lawn last Thursday as if unaware of the Christmas season. Surely this is a good omen and perhaps we may anticipate a reasonably pleasant winter. Our little feathered friends would not linger if Jack Frost had unusually low temperatures in store for us – we hope!

90 YEARS AGO – 1927

Allan Mallory has returned from the west where he went last fall with the harvesters.

Milltown – Another interesting wrestling and boxing exhibition is scheduled for Monday evening, when Joe Ouelett of Montreal, who tips the scales at 205 pounds, will wrestle Geo. McIntee, 189 pounds, and champion in the meet a week ago. The boxing event will be of special interest. The invincible Steeves of St. Stephen will meet Wheelock of Calais, who is said to be a clever boxer. The sports are anticipating an evening of pleasure in witnessing these men in action. McIntee and Calder of Calais will meet in a wrestling match. The preliminaries will include boxing between Chas. Brewer and J. Gayton, and Kid Malloy of Milltown, Me., and Billy Tyrell of Milltown, N.B.

St. Andrews – J.A. Thompson, who has been occupying the Burton store, has moved into the store owned by the Masonic Lodge and has very attractive looking windows. Wm. Burton intends opening a store in the near future. Earl Caughey, who is studying law in Toronto, returned this week for the holidays.

120 YEARS AGO – 1897

The Rose Standish made her last trip for the season on Tuesday last and has gone into winter quarters. The past year’s business done by the company has been very satisfactory and the largest for years. This fact indicates a steady and healthy increase in the traffic of this section. The customs officers at Milltown were paying particular attention to the cars coming from Calais one afternoon this week. On one of them they anticipated a great haul. They made a thorough search, but could find nothing but a case of Wry, and even that was allowed to pass.

NBHP, Extra-Mural Hospital will move

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier Week of Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1987

ST. STEPHEN – Early in the new year the New Brunswick Highway Patrol will vacate its offices here at the former Thelma Kilpatrick School on Hawthorne Street to make way for the offices of the New Brunswick Extra-Mural Hospital. A trailer has arrived and is sitting on the grounds of the Department of Transportation garage at the Highway 1 and 3 junction. As soon as it is hooked up to the town water and sewer system, the NBHP’s St. Stephen detachment will be able to begin moving in, according to Bob Eckstein, manager of accommodations, Department of Supply and Services. Eckstein said he hopes the move of the five-member police detachment, along with their two office staff members, will take place early in January.

’76-’78 team breaks 100 to beat ’79-’83 in final

ST. STEPHEN – The 1976-78 team dumped the ’79-’83 team 104-77 Sunday in the championship game of the annual St. Stephen High School alumni men’s basketball tournament. “It’s not just for basketball,” said organizer Sandi McGeachy about the tournament. “It’s a good chance to see each other. “Players come home from Toronto or all over New Brunswick and we can get together here rather than run all over the place.” In the championship game, ’76-’78 opened a 12-point lead by midway through the first half but the ’79-’83 crew battled back to trail by only five at one point; ’76-78 was ahead 48-39 at halftime and then pulled away in the second half. The winners had six men in double figures, with Greg Clark’s 22 points leading the way. Bruce Nicholson had 16, Mark McGeachy had 15, Steve McGinley and Dave Fagan got 14 apiece and Dave McGinley added 11. Tim McGinley scored a game-high 28 for the losers. Scott Nicholson had 18 and Robert Marvin chipped in 12.


Oak Hill – Mr. and Mrs. Don Palmer of North Hampton, N.H., recently spent a weekend at their camp at Loon Bay.

Grand Manan – Dorothy Griffin of North Head was the winner of the Home and School food basket draw.

Elmsville – The Anglican Church Women’s Christmas party was held at the home of Mrs. Wesley Curran on Dec. 17. Santa arrived and distributed gifts from a beautiful Christmas tree.

Little Ridge – Miss Phyllis Burns of Fredericton is spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burns.

60 YEARS AGO – 1957

Yule weather goes crazy

St. Stephen – and the surrounding district approached the Christmas season amid fantastic spasms of weather that saw temperatures soar to 60 on the first day of winter. During a five-day period beginning Dec. 19, the mercury bobbed up and down like a man on a pogo stick, leaping from a frosty four above on the 19th to 60 on the 21st, the date on which Old Man Winter officially bows in… or is supposed to. Had he arrived here on schedule this year his most practical mode of travel would have been a rowboat. Along with the spring-like temperatures Saturday came driving winds and a two-inch rainfall which thinned out Christmas shoppers and turned frost-surrendering back country roads into quagmires.

Dogged cat gets home after trek

Up in Milltown there’s a tough tomcat that came home for Christmas the hard way. When Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry moved to Midland, Ont., a few months ago, they gave their big, black tom to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Groom of Heathland. Someone else has since moved into the house formerly occupied by the Henrys. Last Thursday the woman now living there found the cat on the doorstep, somewhat the worse for wear but purring with pleasure. It had been AWOL from the Grooms for about a month. And it had pushed across about six miles of countryside to get back home. “The cat looked very pleased to be back in time for Christmas,” said the woman who discovered him.

Becomes manager of sales division

J. Elwood Greenough of Milltown has been appointed sales manager of the Summers Fertilizer Co., here, it was announced Monday. The position is a newly-created one within the company. Mr. Greenough’s appointment became effective Dec. 1. For the last 10 months Mr. Greenough has been office manager for the St. Croix Paper Co. plant in Woodland. Formerly he had been associated with the Summers firm for 20 years. He was assistant manager when he accepted the Woodland position.

90 YEARS AGO – 1927

Barry O’Donnell and James O’Donnell sailed on the S.S. Tivives on Saturday last from New York enroute to Jamaica, Canal Zone and South American ports. In the Santa Claus voting contest being conducted by the C.A. O’Brien stores here and in St. George during the past few weeks, Roland Wilson of St. Stephen was on Friday evening declared the winner of the first prize, $100 in cash. Mrs. Gregory Lister won second prize, $40 in merchandise, Chas. Vail of Brockway, $20 in merchandise, Frank Jones, $10, and Mrs. W.A. Fancie $5 in merchandise.

120 YEARS AGO – 1897

There is some prospect of the diamond drill being put in operation at the nickel deposit on E. Hall’s farm. Our readers will, we know, pardon any shortcomings which they may notice in this edition of the Courier, for we are now engaged in the process of moving our plant from the building on the opposite side of the street – a task which involved much labour and renders necessary some neglect of our editorial and news columns.