Miniature version of Uncle Mayn’s coming to Blacks Harbour this summer


Blacks Harbour – Ever since selling his business in Blacks Harbour, Greg Hooper says he has regretted it. So, when he had the option to purchase Hooper’s Convenience Store, he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get back to working in the community he loves so much.

“I miss Blacks Harbour,” said Hooper. “That’s where my heart is at I guess. I got the call asking if I wanted to buy, and I said I was interested and decided to buy it.”

Hooper said his new venture will be a miniature version of Uncle Mayn’s in St. George, and he will be expanding on the food part of the business. In addition to a restaurant, he said they are adding onto the building, and will be offer fresh vegetables, a take-out, and a wider selection of groceries.

Hooper said, “We’re going to do our seafood, pizza, subs, etc. in the restaurant, and then we’re going to get into our fresh meat and vegetables from Uncle Mayn’s.”

With the recent closure of Fresh Mart, the only grocery store in Blacks Harbour, residents have had to travel to be able to buy most of their grocery items. Hooper said he intends to carry a good selection of grocery items, including the odds and ends you don’t normally see in most convenience stores.

“It’s too bad the grocery store closed, but both stores were basically struggling,” said Hooper. “I think if you can go in and make one work, hopefully it will continue running. I know some people are concerned about the grocery aspect, but we’re going to be carrying quite a bit of grocery items. I’m going to address everyone’s concerns as we go.”

Hooper is hoping the renovations can begin within the next couple of weeks. He said the paperwork should be completed by that time, and a lot of the restaurant equipment has already been ordered. The contractors have been on-site to look at building the new addition. If all goes as planned, Hooper hopes to see the construction crew begin work by June 1.

“I really don’t know when we will open. You don’t know what you get yourself into when you start renovating. I’m hoping to have a food service going by the first of July.”

Hooper’s new venture is going to offer many perks to the community he loves so much. Not only will he be able to provide residents with fresh meat and produce, he is also creating much-needed employment opportunities.

“We hope this will employ eight to 10 people as well, with full-time jobs.”