More than 100 jobs available at Cooke Aquaculture – most in Charlotte County

St. George – Cooke Aquaculture Inc. has announced that they are looking for people throughout Atlantic Canada to fill more than 100 jobs that are currently available. These jobs start at more than $15 per hour, and the majority of the positions available are right here in Charlotte County, although they are also currently hiring in every Atlantic province.

The positions that need to be filled include processing (fish processing workers, production supervisors, and lead hands), saltwater sea sites (site managers, deckhands, marine technicians, and vessel captains), and transportation (truck drivers).

“The most significant and immediate need we have is at the St. George and Blacks Harbour processing plants, on the fish processing side,” said Joel Richardson, vice president, public relations . “So, production supervisors, lead hands, fish processing workers. We’ve got lots of jobs available in St. George and Blacks Harbour, between the two fish processing plants, so we’re working hard to try and find people for those positions.”

In most cases, no experience is necessary for the jobs that are currently available. Candidates are trained on the job, while being paid. Richardson said they welcome people visit the company to talk about employment opportunities. Currently, there are full-time, year-round positions being offered at the processing facilities. They have also decided to offer some contract positions for those who have children at home and who require more flexibility.

“If there are contract term positions or shift options that are helpful to suit individuals’ needs, we’re open to that as well to provide flexibility for individuals with families.”

Richardson said the positions being offered come with good pay, bonuses, health benefits, and a retirement savings plan. There is also room to grow within the company to better paying positions. Richardson said all of the positions available come with a starting salary of at least $15 per hour, and in some cases even more, depending on the nature of the positions.

“There are some positions and shifts that we offer premiums and bonuses, and that all depends on the individual, their experience, and the type of role they’re in. For the most part, they’re $15 and up.”

When questioned about whether or not CERB payments has anything to do with the lack people applying for jobs at the processing plants, Richardson said it would be a wise move for people to apply now, rather than wait until their payments have run out and they have no jobs or incomes.

“It’s challenging right now, for sure, in the current environment” said Richardson. “We have had people who have expressed an interest in coming to join our operations. CERB is going to be ending soon.

“We would encourage anyone who’s thinking about rejoining the work force to rejoin the work force now, before CERB runs out and before some of these jobs are taken up. Rather than CERB ending and not having work, it might be a good idea for people to jump on the opportunity and come and explore their opportunities with us locally in Charlotte County.”

Anyone who is interested in learning more about employment opportunities in Charlotte County through Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is encouraged to visit their Facebook page, My Cooke Career. Information about employment opportunities is also available on their website at