Municipal election 2021 – Get to know your candidates; McAdam

In this edition of the Courier, you’ll find details on candidates running for council seats in our coverage areas in the Monday, May 10 election. All those who provided phone/email contact information to Elections NB were contacted and invited to participate. Each candidate was provided the same questions, and a maximum word count for the return document.

We are running the candidates alphabetically, both geographically and by name.

There is not a listing for St. Stephen as the council will be named by acclaim.

Coverage for those running for mayor in the region will be in the Tuesday, May 4 edition of The Saint Croix Courier.

MCADAM – Electing four councillors.

Taylor Gallant

Why are you running for a council seat in your region?

There are several reasons I have decided to run for council. First of all, by serving on council for the last five years, it has given me knowledge, experience, and insight, on the issues the municipality and citizens face here in McAdam. Living in rural New Brunswick provides a lot of benefits and opportunities, but it also has its fair share of challenges. Although there has been a great deal of progress over the last five years within the community, there are still many more improvements and initiatives to be actioned on. It is important to the citizens of McAdam, and therefore important to me, that improvements continue to be made, while maintaining our current tax rate.

Secondly, I pride myself in working well with others (even when having opposing views) but to still speak-out and get my point across. My firm but collaborative nature is going to be much needed during the next term, as we face regional issues. Municipal reform will be one of those regional issues that will require someone like myself who is collaborative, yet cautious during discussions surrounding municipal reform. In talking with citizens, most constituents are not opposed with sharing services and working together with neighboring municipalities, but maintaining McAdam’s autonomy is vital.

This cooperative, yet bold, attribute will also be needed when looking at our policing services. The current policing model and coverage received in McAdam is simply not working. As other policing models and solutions are considered, this will only be successful if there is regional cooperation and partnerships.

The last, but certainly not the least reason I am running for council, is my love and passion for the place I call home; McAdam. For me, being on council is a way for me to give back to the community and serve others. The people of McAdam have a unifying spirit, and sense of pride and community participation, which is rare in today’s fast paced world. Whether you have lived in McAdam all your life, or recently moved here, I want our community to be a place we can all call “home”.

What is the first issue you’d like to tackle if elected?

The first issue I want (to continue) to tackle is economic growth and employment opportunities in McAdam. The more economic prosperity and growth we have in the village, the better infrastructure, social services, and recreation programs the municipality can provide. I would like to achieve this by engaging and collaborating with the current business community with the McAdam Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). It is my goal that this partnership would foster growth amongst our current businesses while also attracting new industry and employment. As we continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19, local business needs the support of council and the community more than ever.

What new program/policy would you like to put in place?

I would like to see a more accessible recycling program be implemented within the Village of McAdam. During this campaign season, it is a frequent concern I have received from citizens. The current monthly recycling dropout is not sufficient or convenient for citizens’ needs. A citizen focus group has already been formed, and if elected, I want to assist in their endeavour to look at the costs, benefits, and ultimately a solution for recycling in McAdam.

I would like to thank citizens for their consideration, and if they have any issues, or would like to share their vision for McAdam, I enjoy hearing from everyone. I can be contacted via:

Phone: 506-784-7044

Facebook: Taylor Gallant


Letter mail: 16 West Street, McAdam NB, E6J 1W8

Greg Swim

Why are you running for a council seat in your region?

There are many projects we have started that I want to see finished, and continue to be a part of. Like everywhere else, because of COVID, many of our projects and visions have been compounded and taking much longer unfortunately. McAdam is my hometown that I dearly love and want to see and be a part of our future growth and prosperity. McAdam is a very tight-knit and friendly community of hard working men and women. We have had many challenges in the past regarding job losses with industry closing. We have also lost many of our public services over the years. Even though we may have our differences, in the end we band together for the common good of our village. McAdamites are not only a family, but we are a family of survivors.

What is the first issue you’d like to tackle if elected?

Demand for better policing. We need more hours of coverage and a greater police presence, as in visibility. I do realize this issue is not only a McAdam problem but a provincial/federal one. I’m not necessarily blaming the local dispatch and/or command centre. As council I feel we need to get back our monthly meetings with the officer in charge or his or her selected representative. This gives us a chance to meet in person and have productive discussions regarding monthly police reports and the issues that need more attention. Like anything else priorities change from time to time. Last but not least, we need to continue to work hard to bring in new industry however big or small. Last year we were hit hard with the closure of our local wallboard plant which one of our major employers.

What new program/policy would you like to put in place?

I would like to see a new and improved program for mental health and drug addiction services. There are far too many who fall through the cracks and even one is one too many. Secondly I would like to see and help put into place a new recycling program and of course at a reasonable cost.

Those running who did not reply:

Brigitte Gardner

Mitchell Little

Jody Robinson