NBEMO has updated their list of current road and bridge closures.

Charlotte County – For a listing of ongoing road and bridge closures, listed by NBEMO, see below.

Saint Andrews – Route 127, and Clark Farm Road (on the Bayside side) are experiencing flooding issues.  Town crews are on route.  There are additionally reports of minor flooding in town, and 6 to 8 flooded basements.

St. George – Lake Utopia is currently was last measured at a normal 55.1 feet, but is expected to rise as Elmcroft levels creep up.  Forecasts have peak at 63 to 64 feet.

St. Stephen – The water that was blocking King Street in receding, but there is water over the road at the intersection of Fiander Road and Hwy 127.

Saint David – The Board Road is flooded in two areas – Rte 706, Roix Rd. by DTI.  Tower Hill Rte 755 at MacLeod Farm is closed due to flooding.  There is a washout on the side of the Oak Haven Road.  Bernie Lake roadway is flooded, and residents cannot leave their homes.

Bocabec – Kerr Rd. bridge is washed out and impassable.  There are barricades at the site.

We will continue to post new information as it continues to come in.  Keep checking our website for updates.