ONLINE EXCLUSIVE-New clinic at the Charlotte County Hospital to open in 3-4 weeks

Courier stock photo Horizon Health has asked New Brunswickers to think twice before heading to an ER; alternate suggestions are walk-in clinics and urgent care centres.

The community wellness centre at the Charlotte County Hospital is expected to open within the next three to four weeks.

According to a statement released Friday afternoon by Jean Daigle, vice-president, community with Horizon Health Network, a nurse practitioner at the centre on the third floor of CCH will offer  “well women” services and is currently training to offer steroid injections for joint pain.

“We also expect to establish a number of clinics designed to prevent residents from needing to drive to larger centres for diagnosis and treatment,” stated Daigle. “These services will include a concussion clinic, a clinic for the removal of minor lesions and biopsies, IUD insertions for women, a geriatric clinic and a respiratory clinic.”