New Director at Chocolate Museum thinking about fresh displays and activities

Sari Green/Courier Rebecca Moffatt is the new Director at The Chocolate Museum in St. Stephen. She is excited about this new position, and has her “creative thinking cap” on to develop new and exciting activities and displays for visitors to enjoy.

St. Stephen – There’s a new face at The Chocolate Museum. Rebecca Moffatt began working as director of the museum last week, and said she is looking forward to coming up with new and different activities for both adults and children. She has her “creative thinking cap” on, and wants to find ways to get more people involved, and excited about the museum.

“There’s always opportunities to bring in new things, do some different tastings, and come up with some different activities that both adults and children can participate in,” said Moffatt.

“I’m trying to come up with different ways to get people involved and excited about it (the museum).”

Moffatt, who has a graduate degree in historic preservation from Clemson University in South Carolina, said her family is originally from St. Stephen. She lived here for a few years as a young child, from Grade 2 to 5. Her parents eventually came back to St. Stephen, and upon graduating from university, Moffatt followed suit. She said she really wanted to move back to Charlotte County after graduation so she could be with her family.

“I have an adorable, 95-year-old granddad who is in town, and we like to hang out,” said Moffatt.

Moffatt said she was looking for a position that would let her use her degree, skills, and past experiences, and when the director position became available at The Chocolate Museum, she felt it would be a really good fit. She also said she had family members who worked in the Ganong factory, so working at the museum is kind of like coming full circle for her.

“My family members worked in the factory,” said Moffatt. “I had an aunt who was a bonbon dipper, and my grandmother used to put the sticks in the suckers.”

Moffatt said she is just getting herself settled into her new role, learning about all of the different displays, and what has been done in the past. She would like to come up with creative things which will allow visitors do some hands-on learning, such as the hand-dipping event so popular during Chocolate Fest.

“One of the big trends in museums right now is experiential learning. We’re hoping to get some new activities so people can come in and actually experience what it’s like to work in the factory,” she added.

Moffatt and her team are in the process of planning a lot of “great things” for the summer. They are coming up with a schedule for summer activities, and said anyone interested in learning what will be going on should check the Facebook page regularly. New events and activities will be posted on a regular basis.

“That will be one of the major ways for us to get things out there for people to be able to know what we’re up to, and things that are going on.”

The Chocolate Museum is currently closed for the winter season, and will re-open at the beginning of March, just in time for the March break. Moffatt said she hopes to see a lot of people in the museum for March break and the rest of the season.