New policy for past due water and sewer accounts in St. George


St. George – A new policy was unanimously passed at Monday evening’s regular meeting of council in St. George regarding past due water and sewer accounts in the Town. Policy 53A-2019, also known as “the Collection of Utility Service Fees & Termination of Services”, gives specific direction to Town staff as to the collection of fees. The new policy also gives direction to staff as to the disconnection of services if bills are not paid in full.

This new policy does not replace By-Law #27-C when it comes to water and sewerage systems, but it does reinforce the timelines that are already set in the by-law, and sets very clear shut-off dates within the Town.

St. George residents are asked to have their accounts paid in full up to the current year, on or by March 31. Failure to pay in full by this date may result in having water or sewage services disconnected on April 1, 2019.

St. George Mayor Crystal Cook said Council doesn’t want to have to shut-off anyone’s water and sewage services, but currently, there is more than $60,000 in outstanding bills from accounts. Water and sewage services in St. George are billed twice annually. The cost for a fully-serviced home is $510 per year. Residents receive their bills in January for the first part of the year ($255), and billed the remainder in July for the second part of the year.

“We have accounts that are past due from 2016 and 2017 that total over $6,000,” said Cook. “We’re simply asking those residents who use Town water and sewage to pay for those services, and please pay on time because it puts financial burden on all taxpayers when others do not pay.”

Water and sewage bills can be paid at the Town Office, or online. Residents are also able to speak with someone at their banks to set up scheduled payments. All bills are due within 45 days of issue. For more information, please contact the Town Office at 755-4320.