Online first – a St. Stephen natives idea which lead to a podcast, and how 2020 turned a background project on men’s mental health into a purpose

St. Stephen – Kyle Moore is candid as he describes the impetus for his podcast, Life’s A Wreck.  “I was at a really dark point in my life the summer before my third year of university, and was having a tough time expressing how I was feeling,” said the St. Stephen native.

“I felt like a lot of emotion and mental strain was really piling up on me, but I didn’t feel comfortable confiding in the people around me because at the time, I felt like I would be a burden on them. 

“I’m a big believe that if you put something out into the universe the right people will find it. So I figured if I created something that had all the information about my mental health, and just told people where they could find it then it was on their terms and not mine, in a way.

“From there Life’s a Wreck was born.”

And born it was.  The podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Instagram and TikTok as @moorzyyy, and Instagram @lifesawreckpodcast, started with Moore doing exactly as he describes; talking almost stream of consciousness style and remarkably candidly about his own mental health struggles, and documenting what was and wasn’t working for him. 

 “I mean, to be honest, initially it was like therapy for me,” said Moore.  “A chance for me to get a bunch of stuff off my chest and archive it in a way that would allow me to look back and appreciate the work I had done.

“I felt like in the world of mental health, men weren’t talked about nearly enough even though statistics show men are more likely to suffer from mental illness in silence, and make-up the majority of suicide victims.

“I wanted to show men that they could talk about this stuff without fear of looking weak or whatnot.”

And show men how to openly discuss mental health he has.  The recent Ryerson University Sports Media grad has morphed the original podcast from his personal musings and experiences alone to talking with former gang members to celebrity athletes, with men’s mental health the crux of the conversations.

“Now, Life’s a Wreck has grown into and overarching mental health brand that aims to share the stories of people from all backgrounds, genders, sexualities etc.,” added Moore.

“I still talk from the perspective of a man who struggles with mental health issues, but I have found that having a variety of perspectives can really increase the chances of someone hearing something and going ‘wow that’s exactly like me’.”

And as Moore heads to the final episode of season three of Life’s A Wreck, which airs Friday, January 8, his guest is the culmination of the time he’s spent honing what he knows the podcast can be.

“This one is really special for me because I’m talking with Humbolt Broncos crash survivor, Tyler Smith. Tyler was a member of the Humbolt Broncos back in 2018 when 16 people lost their lives in that crash that rocked all of Canada,” said Moore.

“On the episode, Tyler and I talk about his mental and physical recovery, the grief and depression that understandably gripped his life after the crash, and his new work within the mental health advocacy space.”

We had a great chat with Moore about the past, present and future of Life’s A Wreck. For the in depth story, see Tuesday’s edition of The Saint Croix Courier.