Online only: Activities for adults and children happening in March at Sunbury Shores

Saint Andrews – With March break here and the kids are at home, is there anything for them to do, especially since we are still in the Orange phase of recovery? Well, COVID has put a damper on many activities, but there are still somethings going on for kids, as well as for adults. For instance, there are a couple of March break workshops taking place at Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in Saint Andrews.

“We’re a little bit stuck at the moment because of being in Orange, but we do still have some stuff happening,” said Sunbury Shores Executive Director, Sara Brinkhurst.

Brinkhurst said they are a “little stuck” currently due to the province being in the Orange phase, but they do have some things happening. There will be two different workshops running throughout the March break. First, there is a jungle-themed tee shirt design workshop, in connection with activities that are going on at the Algonquin Resort. The kids can draw jungle animals (or any other animals they like), and their designs will be printed on tee shirts they can take home with them.

The second workshop also involves jungle animals. Brinkhurst said kids can use pieces of felt to create various animals to take home. They are small, and can be completed within a couple of hours while at Sunbury Shores.

“It’s a selection of different jungle animals that they can cut out and assemble and take home. They’re flat, sort of hanging. You can hang them into a mobile or a window or something. They’re just small so they can do it in a couple of hours,” said Brinkhurst.

There is no deadline for registration for either of these programs, but both are on a first-come, first-served basis due to the limited amount of spaces available. Brinkhurst said there is a restriction on numbers due to COVID-19, so the sooner people register, the better. If you have kids who are bored and looking for something to do, check out the Sunbury Shores website and see if there are still any spaces available for the March break workshops. You can even register in the middle of the week as long as there is space available.

“It runs from Saturday, the 26th of February, and the rest of the week. People can go to our website and just register online.”

You may be wondering if there are any events set up for adults at this time. Brinkhurst said they don’t have any adult workshops running in the building at the moment, but they are offering various activities online. Beginning on Tuesday, March 9, there will be online drawing classes for seniors. The cost to take part is $20. Brinkhurst added that the term “senior” is just that, a term, and they don’t actually ask anyone their age.

“Basically, it’s a couple of hours on Tuesday mornings,” said Brinkhurst. “Theresa MacKnight will be teaching people the essential basics of how to draw. It’s for beginners and people who may have had some practice. It’s just to do with hanging out with people, at least virtually.”

There are other activities being planned which will take place once we get back into the Yellow phase of recovery. Once everything is in place, there will be an announcement regarding registration for these programs.

“We’ll get back to doing a pottery 101 class,” said Brinkhurst. “We will have some photography classes available. Those will probably be online, so they won’t be affected either way. It’s just a matter of getting those lined up. We will be having a number of other painting, drawing, and pastel workshops. There’s quite a few things. It’s just that they’re on hold for the moment until we know if we can do them in the building or not.”

There are some exhibits currently on display at Sunbury Shores, and the public is welcome to go and check them out, staying within COVID-19 safety requirements of course. On Friday, a retrospective exhibit opened. This is a selection of works from instructors who have taught classes and workshops at Sunbury Shores throughout the years. The selections are on loan from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery collection.

“We got some really nice pieces in there. That’s a nice show. We won’t be having a big opening event for that because, again, COVID. But, it will be open for view.”

This Friday, March 5, another exhibit will be opening alongside the retrospective exhibit. This will be in memory of artists and instructors who have been involved with Sunbury Shores and who have passed on. Brinkhurst said they are taking this opportunity to honour and appreciate them.

For now, that is all that’s going on at Sunbury Shores. Brinkhurst said it is difficult to plan for anything right now, but they are up to the challenge, and they intend to continue offering exhibits and workshops, even if those workshops are only online for the time being.

“It’s a challenge. We learned a lot last year, but it’s still a challenge.”