PC Kathy Bockus claims title of MLA in riding of Saint Croix

St. Stephen – Following the announcement she had won the Saint Croix riding in the 2020 New Brunswick provincial election, Kathy Bockus said she was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She also added her win hadn’t really sunken in at that point. Bockus spoke to members of her team following the election on Monday evening in a short speech from her election office, located in the former A&W building on King Street in St. Stephen.

“Well, you can tell I made a really good speech,” Bockus laughed, holding up a piece of paper with a few notes on it. “I jotted down a few notes. I didn’t want to jinx it.”

When asked how she felt about being the riding’s new MLA, Bockus, who won with 3,570 votes – only 1,024 more votes than Rod Cumberland of the Peoples’ Alliance Party, who finished with 2,546. Bockus said she feels humbled and excited all at once, is thrilled she has been given this responsibility, and she is very thankful that the voters in the riding had enough faith in her to elect her as the newest representative for Saint Croix.

“I won’t let you down. The only thing I’ve ever promised throughout this very long campaign was that I would do my very best for everyone, and that’s what I will do,” said Bockus.

Bockus had plenty of praise for everyone who helped her throughout her campaign, particularly her husband, Walter, who told her she wasn’t supposed to thank him. She said she could not have gone through the election process without him at her side, and called him her “rock”. She also said she couldn’t have done it without the help from everyone on her campaign team.

“I honestly could not have done it without him, and I honestly could not have done it without the rest of you,” said Bockus. “You’ve helped out. You’ve done everything from making signs to phone calls to making pies. Somebody made a delicious pie today. You’ve just completed dozens of tasks that had to be done in order to make this happen.”

Bockus began campaigning back in January, and didn’t expect that she would be campaigning this long. But, COVID-19 put a damper on the election that had originally been scheduled to take place May 11. She said it has been a long campaign since her nomination in January, but it has also been a worthwhile one.

“You were all steadfast, as I said, in your support, and I appreciate that more than you can ever know. Thank you all and let’s get on the job.”

Saint Croix final tally:

Kathy Bockus, PC – 3.570 45.2 per cent

Rod Cumberland, People’s Alliance – 2,546 32.2 per cent

Kim Reeder, Green – 1,238 15.7 per cent

John Gardner, Ind. – 401 5.1 per cent

Brad McKinney, NDP – 147 1.9 per cent