Phase II contract for CICS awarded

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier
Week of Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1987

CAMPOBELLO – The second phase of construction will soon be underway on the new addition and renovations being made to the Campobello Island Consolidated School as Lundrigans Construction of Saint John was awarded the $3.14 million contract.
The expansion is expected to double the current size of the school, adding a new gymnasium, administration area, home economics lab, a sick room, science labs and classrooms. Renovations are also planned for the elementary wing of the present school.

Hurley battles to victory
ST. ANDREWS – Forty-two-year-old teacher Reid Hurley, the dark horse in the four-way battle for the Charlotte-West Liberal nomination, came out on top in Saturday’s nomination convention and will carry the Liberal banner in the upcoming provincial election.
Saturday’s convention at the New Brunswick Community College, with bands, banners and balloons, was a highly charged affair, as the Liberals repeated the gala show they put on for the Anne Breault nomination in St. Stephen-Milltown-Campobello and for candidate Eric Allaby in Charlotte Fundy last summer and fall.

Stan Smith coasts to Tory nomination
ST. GEORGE – Stan Smith was uncontested here Monday night, in a bid to represent the Charlotte Centre Tories in the upcoming provincial election.
Premier Richard Hatfield put in an appearance at the quiet meeting at Fundy High School, which saw 100 or so party faithful turn out to cheer on their candidate.

Festival royalty
Pennfield Blueberry Queen Angie Justason, first princess Tina Doiron and second princess Tracey Weir were among the many in attendance at the Blueberry Festival on Saturday. The three women were crowned during the Miss Blueberry Festival pageant Thursday night.

Grand Manan – On July 25, the children of Mr. and Mrs. George Urquhart gathered at the family home in Woodwards Cove for a reunion. All seven children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were together for the first time in 29 years.

Elmsville – Mrs. Helen Haughn and Mary Haughn of St. Andrews were dinner guests of Ethel Lord on Aug. 20.

St. George – Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes and family, Alberta, left for home Wednesday, Aug. 19 after spending one month at their cottage at Oven Head.

60 YEARS AGO – 1957
Plans opening
Fashion Frocks Ltd., thrown out of business by the St. Stephen Development Co. fire on Water Street on August 2, will re-open on Friday, Sept. 6, at 43 Water Street.
C. Fred Sears, senior partner in the business, announced the firm will be the first of the four destroyed by the fire, to re-open.
Renovations at the new location, formerly occupied by Richardson’s barbershop, are being made so the opening will be made possible on Sept. 6, 35 days after the disastrous fire, he said.

Principal earns master’s degree
Gordon Wilmot Coffey, principal of the Milltown High School for the past several years, received a masters of education degree from the University of Maine at Orono at the university’s 109th commencement on Friday.
Mr. Coffey, who taught prior to his Milltown appointment at the St. Stephen High School, will become principal of the St. Margaret’s RCAF base school near Chatham this fall.

Hundreds enjoy boat races at lake
St. George – Hundreds of interested spectators enjoyed speedboat races held at Lake Utopia on Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Washington County, Maine, Outboard Racing Association of which A.B. Ramsdell of Eastport is president. The event was said to be the first of its kind held at the lake.
Of the 18 outboards participating in the races, 12 were from Maine, one from Massachusetts, and five from Charlotte County.
Fred S. Price of Quincy, Mass., was the winner of the first four races and the fifth race, a free-for-all, was won by Mr. Ramsdell.

90 YEARS AGO – 1927
Todd’s second annual fur show, conducted by Wilfred L. Todd, and held in the Queen Theatre on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after the regular show of pictures, was again a great success and drew a total audience of about 1,800 people. Beautiful fur coats were displayed on live models.

St. Andrews – The retail liquor store that will open here on September 6th, will have F.A. Grimmer, manager, Charles Horsnell and Miss Frances Stinson, cashier.

120 YEARS AGO – 1897
The trustees of the Bay Road school have engaged Miss Flora Boyd as teacher for the present term.

Milltown – On the nineteenth of August a large hen hawk alighted in the yard of William Hanson, at Mohannes, and seized upon a hen, but before he could rise with his prey Mrs. Hanson caught him by the wing and held him fast, although the bird protested strongly against being captured. Mrs. Hanson held him until her husband arrived and placed him in a box. Mr. Hanson will keep the feathered intruder for a time for exhibition purposes.