Planning underway for annual Campobello Island Fogfest festival

CAMPOBELLO – While most activities were cancelled last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was one festival that wasn’t. They may have done things a bit differently than in past years, but Fogfest organizers made certain that everyone on Campobello Island got to enjoy this fun, annual festival. Organizer Stephanie Anthony said the festival will happen again this year, and they will be able to offer in-person events once again.

“We’re still keeping it a little small because of the pandemic, but we’re going a lot more full-force than last year, and have a lot more activities that everyone can join in,” said Anthony. “We’re going to have the full schedule, Wednesday through Sunday again, with music, art, culture, the whole nine yards.

“So far we’ve got a paint and sip night. We’ve got some activities in partnership with the Herring Cove Provincial Park Campground. We’re doing some teen music nights, and some beach reading and stuff with kids. We’ve got bands coming. We’ve announced Nick Gay. Claudette Norman will be here with her granddaughter, singing.”

Fogfest will be happening on the New Brunswick Day long weekend, beginning Wednesday, July 28 and running through Sunday, August 1. The opening ceremonies will take place on the first day of Fogfest, and organizers are looking forward to this because they were unable to have the ceremony last year. Normally the mayor would be on-hand to make some remarks at the opening ceremony, and local talent would be performing.

“The community-feel would definitely be the Wednesday, said Anthony.

On day two, people can enjoy plenty of great performances from a variety of musicians. These shows generally take place at coffee shops and restaurants, on the patios or decks when the weather permits. Anthony said they often get students from Campobello Island Consolidated School to entertain as well.

“It’s such a nice way to kick off a busy week,” said Anthony. “The excitement kind of builds each night. One year, my son did stand-up comedy. My face was so red, because I was the butt of a couple of the jokes. My mom was heckling him. It was perfect. When we get to Friday and Saturday, that’s when we get the main stage at the campground going, with a full line-up.”

Fogfest was the only New Brunswick festival that wasn’t cancelled last summer. Organizers were obviously unable to put on a full festival, but they did what they could, and everything was live-streamed. Anthony said they had a drive-in show where people had to stay on or in their vehicles. Some people even brought boats and listed to the show from the water. This event was also live-streamed so everyone on the island and from other areas could watch. Anthony said this was actually a lot of fun, and families who attended in their vehicles were enjoying their own tailgate parties.

“We were really creative like that last year, and we had so much fun.”

Anthony said they plan to live-stream many of the events taking place during Fogfest this year as well. The festival will be a bit bigger than it was last year, and they won’t have to take as many COVID-19 precautions. She said they want to be able to include everybody who wants to take part in the events, whether it be in-person or via streaming.

The full Fogfest schedule is not available as of yet. Anthony said they are often scheduling events right up until the last minute. She added that anyone wishing to visit Campobello for Fogfest should book a campsite or a room as soon as possible.

“I would definitely say to book soon, because the campground is always booked out that weekend, even last year for 2020 it was booked out. If they want a room or a site, they want to get on board and give someone a call over here.”